Recommended P2W changes for NA/EU

I have played Lost Ark on the Russian client for quite some time and would like to put in my 2 cents. 4 things I would like to see in this game for western release:
1. Complete removal of currency conversion and focus on cosmetics/new classes/crystalline aura for profits. I have seen people spend exuberant amounts of money upgrading armor… this option is not acceptable and pay to win IMO. I have also seen some “curious market inflation” on Russian servers, not saying this was developer market manipulation, but it was questionable… With the removal of currency conversion this would allow for the classic farm for your mats to upgrade which leads me to my next point.
2. Complete removal of the chance for failing an upgrade as this is just a mechanic to coax people into currency conversion for additional upgrade mats. This would not be needed as you would be time gated by daily/weekly farmable content between your main and alt characters.
3. Removal of campfires and introduce a proper out of combat health regen. This would not negate the need for battle health potions… this is just a quality of life improvement and is present in like every other MMO ever lol.
4. Release a couple more classes when game goes live please. When a Raid fight needs a boss knocked down, Destroyers are always welcome.


sounds good in theory but then you are forced to buy everything from the shop with real money, don’t be silly.

idk there is an iLVL upgrade pity system, it’s a middle ground
You just make alts and funnel to your main like 90% of poeple do

This is actually huge and something that would be awesome to have in game

For people like me that are going to be leveling every class I can to 50, please no, I need a break kekw

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not sure about the removal of campfires, it creates a social aspect.

it IS an mmo after all

rested xp for that 1 extra exp per mob? kekw

The thing is it’s unlikely they will make massive changes to the in-game systems for the Western release. They might over time with people’s feedback, but I doubt it will happen following the beta feedback which is mainly for bugs and localization issues.

On top of that, the entire beta economy is messed up. They gave everyone $400 worth of premium currency AND Mari’s shop was bugged and refreshing constantly. They also left all of the catch-up islands used in T3, and they definitely should not be there on release. So it’s pretty tough to say “you should remove an entire section of the cash shop” based on a cash shop that was incorrect.

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the currency stuff is too much u can buy gold ez with real cash and u can buy almost all stuff with gold

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The perfect response.

Would just like to add that removing chance of failing would just turn the game into super easy mode which would make the upgrading system incredibly bland.

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This is based on the Russian client not beta… the currency conversion was not accessible in beta. This is a system that converts $$ into gems and gems into gold.

Well in late end game it’s currently a gambling slot machine and that’s not legal everywhere, technically.

I believe games like BDO managed to get over this by making parts of the cash shop unavailable in certain regions.

There are 2 types of gems, gold colored gems and blue gems. Anything on the cash shop that requires the gold gems is currently purchased with real $$. Most items in cash shop are purchased with real money. Currency conversion is not available in beta, not even to look at, as this would probably not go over well with the community… yet it will be in the live game.

I’m just going to say that this upgrade system is FAIR, compared to maplestory or bdo this feels like a blessing.
It’s basically like ffxiv but instead of praying you get the drop you want you pray you get the 10% haha

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Let me know if you still feel the same way after failing 6 times in a row for an attempt at a +14 weapon upgrade in Yorn. At that time if you were to use currency conversion for money into crystals then crystals into gold to purchase mats on auction house, all mats for each attempt would have been the equivalent of more than 500 US dollars. If you don’t like the term pay to win, you can call it pay for power… which is the main goal of many players at end game.

I agree with all of this. Anything to get rid of the P2W. I wouldn’t mind if they even made this game B2P if that was the only way they’d be willing to get rid of P2W aspects.

The game will have a very niche audience of the small percentage of westerner gamers who don’t mind P2W rather than a giant audience of both the people who do and don’t mind it.

Sure, in the short term it will be a better financial decision for them to release the game as P2W but if Amazon cares about the longevity (and integrity) of this game and wants a massive long financial pay off they should remove the P2W for the western market.

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pity system is there for a reason,
I know this game is p2w… is it going to affect 99% of players? no

It’s going to affect anyone who cares about the integrity of the game so why have it in at all if it doesn’t have to be there?

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There’s more money to be made from a popular game than a game with a smaller player base that allows P2W

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Look at wow or ffxiv, both p2w, both popping off. This game is probably going to be top 5 mmos for a long time

FFXIV and WoW?? Pay to play and buy to play are not pay to win, these are completely different systems. I want this game to be in the top 5 western mmos… but it will not happen with the current P2W setup, not in NA/EU, this will be a short term boom with a large player population fall off as soon as people get to true end game content… Trust me I played LA on Russian server for about a year… I just want this release to do better and not turn into a short term money grab.