Reconsidering ressources in founder pack

Since lots of people bought founder pack considering T1 would be the limit at launch, maybe since we got T3 now we need more ressources in founder pack since those got really useless and worthless (more than what they were already I should say)

What y’all think about ?

Amazon is like



That probably the solution of my question lmao but I will let the post open in case of

what resource in any pack do you think was useful for T1 but not for T3?

I literraly wrote “(more than what they were already I should say)” talking about how they are useless.

Beside that, battle items chests are something good.

ok, that was really important, so…

what resource in any pack do you think was more useful for T1 then for T3?

What “got more useless and worthless”?

not the type of items but the amount of it

This post seems fairly redundant since the founders packs aren’t exactly designed to get you through the content…

Saying that lots of people bought the founder pack considering that T1 was the limit seems a tad off too, as most of the people who bought founders would have only got the bronze tier and that doesn’t give any resources besides the head start (which is really the most valuable resource tbh), and anyone who bought the other 3 packs wouldn’t really be focused on the consumables as much as the gems, costumes and mount (for plat founders).

IMO - The resources in the founders packs are fine as is sure you don’t get many and the people who buy the plat founders get slightly more (extra chests) but really all of the consumables can be crafted in the stronghold anyway.

There is only 4 resources in the founders packs that are of any real meaning and don’t go saying they aren’t resources because in terms of usefulness to progression they are just as useful. 1- Head start, 2- Pet, 3- Resurrection feathers, 4- Mount (for plat founders)

If the founder packs would contain resources to speed up the progress for the players then that would be like opening the Pandora’s Box… though the founder packs still contain royal crystals which can be used for that same purpose.

This can become extremely debatable.

Pandora’s Box indeed.