Recover deleted knowledge transfer char

With now knowing Destroyer is not coming with a Powerpass is it possible to recover a deleted knowledge transfer character I deleted for space or is it too late, thanks for you help.

NA East - Una
Main - Mazenta

Deleted Character Paladin - Dondaii

Hi @magentamarlin, great to have you around our comunity! :sparkles:

I’ll be glad to take a look into your request, if you are in-game please close it for a few minutes while I’m working on it :wink:

I’ll be right back.

Game is closed now.

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I’m back, thanks for waiting my friend

I’ve successfully brought Dondaii back to life, you can launch the game now and double check if the character is back,

Hope this helps! :rainbow:

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tyvm for your help, hope you have a good day!

It’s a pleasure my friend,

If there is anything else you need just let me know, I’m a tag of distance.

You too have a good day and a wonderful weekend :wink: