Recover deleted SF req

Hey , i had a soulfist at 1300+ (cannot remember the name sorry)
deleted awhile back but kinda regretting it now
any way to recover ? thanks in advance

Hey there @Choowee

Allow me a moment to check if we’re able to restore your character, please let me know the name of any character in your roster and make sure to be logged out of the game and have an open character slot!

this is the roster currently

Hey @Choowee I was able to find your account, unfortunately however I wasn’t able to restore your character due to it being deleted prior to it’s server being merged into another server in the recent server merges, which in some cases can cause the data to not be recoverable anymore. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you :frowning_face:

Let me know if theres anything else I could help you with, see you in Arkesia!

aaah thats okay then
thanks for all your help!

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hello can i get my striker back?
server: armen
region : euc
name : shenjong lvl 52

Hey there @ViX3ll

Allow me a second to check, make sure to have an open slot and be logged out of the game!

Update: Unfortunately after checking your account we cannot assist with another character restoration this calendar year due to character restoration limit, sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

See you in Arkesia!