Recover deleted Sorc on NAW - Valtan

Hi, I had Sorc at lvl 35ish and I deleted her 3-4 months ago. I don’t remember her name but is it possible to recover her back plz?

Hello @Kaali !

Of course you are able to recover it. You could give me the name of others characters on your account so I can find it and look for that Sorceress.

Also, you need to have a slot available and then keep the game closed while we complete the restoration.

I have 3 GS on my roaster name Kaal, Galakras and Hotsling, I do have extra slot and my game is closed rn. Thanks for quick reply.

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For sure, and thanks the names.

I’ll look for your account and I’ll let you know once completed.

Edit: Hey @Kaali , forgot to ask lol, which region/server you play on?

I mentioned above NAW- Valtan. Where is your focus @italianman ?

I noted it later but I have the restoration ready.

To let you know, the only Sorceress on your account was Windruner and it was lvl 26.

Next time that you get in the game it should be there.

Yes my man, thanks for the help really appreciate. hope she is doing well must be angry with me for deleting her.

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Let’s hope it’s not too late!

If you need further assistance in any other issue please don’t hesitate in reaching us again!

I hope this helps, have a great adventure :shield: :crossed_swords: !