Recover few deleted characters

In the past several months I have deleted few characters along with skins and items in them. I was wondering if any of them can be recovered, considering that the removals were not very recent? If they can be recovered, I do have the means to extend my roster accordingly and have the free slots for them.

Server: Ezrebet
Active char name: Stonecut

The deleted chars should all be T3 - Deathblade, Bard, Sorceress, Glavier, Scrapper, Wardancer, and Gunlancer.

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We can most likely assist with the character restorations however we can only restore 3 characters with a cooldown of 365 days after that to be able to restore more characters.

Please let me know the names of the deleted characters you want to restore (or just the name of a currently active character in your roster so I can find your account), so I can check if it’s possible to restore them.

The name of my currently active character is Stonecut. As for the deleted chatacters, I remember Aaleeyah, Babyjayn, Acidburn (the last one with a special character on some of the vowels). I’ve now restored your characters Aaleeyah, Babyjayn and Acídburn! You can now log back into the game. Again for more character restorations now that we’ve reached the limit, we’d need to wait 365 days.

See you in Arkesia!

With the limit, do you know if that’s 365 days from the first restore? Or 365 from the last restore?

All three were done the same day in this case, but if for example only 1 character was restored now but then a player wanted another one in 2 months.

@PowPowtia Each character restoration will have its own 365 day cooldown, meaning that if you restore a character in February, one in March and one in April, the next year on February you will be able to restore one more, and then another one in March, and another one in April for example.

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Thanks. This information should be added to the FAQs, if it isn’t already.

It would reduce a lot of frustration if players knew not to request too soon and reduce the effort of the team having to search only to realize there’s still time before they can restore.

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