Recovering a deleted character w/ Crystalline Aura

So I’m pretty sure this character had the Crystalline Aura that I received from the Vanquisher Pack on it before I deleted it…I forgor I thought I had it on main but wrong on my part. Is there anyway I could possible recover the character? ign:Iminhell server: Valtan NA West. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello there @claiiro,

Of course I can help you restore your character! I just need you to make sure you have an open slot for the character and that you close the game so I can restore it for you!

Update: I have restored your character into slot 6, next time you log into the game please let me know if everything is alright! :smiley:

I’ll be waiting for your answer!


@Jormungandrh hi, sorry for the late reply. My character is there and everything is in order! Thank you so much :handshake: :smile: