Recovering deleted characters on kadan

Hello, I would like to recover two deleted characters if possible, a sharpshooter and a glaivier I deleted a while back, I would like to give them another try please. Main character’s name is Reixplo on EUC Kadan and I believe the glaivier’s name was retiolpx and sharpshooter’s retiotio? some names derived from there i think.

Thanks very much!

Greetings! @Reixplo

I am working on this currently for you to make sure is possible and for that I would request you to go offline from game.

Thanks for the patience.


Hi @Reixplo ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

I was able to recover the level 58 Glaivier named : Retiolpx on slot #3 .

Also the Sharpshooter level 58 named : Retiotio was able to come back and join with you on slot #4

Enjoy your journey on Arkesia :candy:

Have a nice day and take care !


Thanks very much !!! (∩◕‿◕)⊃━☆゚.*

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is it possible to also restore 2 of my characters, thank you.

bard: cadzorihime
level: around 51
server: kadan
ilevel: 1370

wardancer: cadzli
level: around 56
server: kadan eu
ilevel: 1370

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Hi @blackfang91

Welcome to our forums. :ribbon:

In order to help you I would request you to go offline from game to check if it’s possible to restore the characters.

I’ll be waiting for your answer don’t hesitate to tag me. @Eulah❄️ (◕‿◕).

@Eulah am logged off

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Hello, @blackfang91

Thanks for the patience.

After reviewing your Lost Ark Courtesy Service request, we can restore the 2 characters this time.

I was able to restore the Bard named Cadzorihime level : 52.

Also you can use again the Wardancer level : 59 named Cadzli

Enjoy your adventure :snowflake:

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