Recovering destroyed relic gear

Hello, I’m having the very same issue, the fact that when you transfer your old relic to the new relic makes a copy of it is actually really weird and I feel like this is making a lot of us player to do the same mistake (thinking our new honed item is on our character and not in the inventory since we did the honing transfer …

Server : Avesta
Name : SpiciestBard
Date : December 31 , around 1:20AM GMT-5

Hi @Spicycontrol,

Thank you for your participation in the forums, I hope you hare having a good time!.
I apologize about this unexpected situation, I understand this can be frustrating even though currently there is no feature to recover items like this and im not able to restore it over the forums service.
I would suggest to create a web ticket in our official webpage in order to take the necessary actions on your case but can no confirm that it will be solved.

Best wishes,
Happy New Year 2023.