Recovery a Deleted Character?

Hello there!

I’m wondering whether or not it’s possible to restore a character I recently deleted? I had some items on there, and wasn’t aware that they would be deleted, and wouldn’t transfer to my other characters.

Char: Paola
Server : Arcturus (South America)

I appreciate your help on this one!

Hello @MightyLecram!

First at all, welcome to our forum community.

It will be a pleasure to help you restoring your character, but I was unable to locate any character named ‘‘Paola’’ in Arcturus / South America, do you have any active character? With an active character, I may be able to locate your deleted one. I will also need an approximate deletion date, if you remember it will my appreciated.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Hello @Burchet !

Its a Sorceress low level. About a week ago.

Thank you so much.

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Do you have any active character? I might find your deleted one using an active character :grin:

Gunlancer LVL 43


Paolla was the only character deleted on your Account, I was searching for ‘‘Paola’’. I’m sorry!

Character has been restored :smiley:

Please check if everything is ok from your end, and let me know if there is anything else you need,


I had a similar issue: today was my first day ever playing the game, and I got up to the part where you get out of the Prideholme Cathedral and first get a horse. I exited the game and when I rejoined it later in the night, it wanted me to make a new character. interestingly enough, my presets for the customization are still there, and it won’t let me use my username again… Pls help me, my character name is Cheesecakemcgee and I’m in NA East

Hi @DrCheesecakeMcGee!

Welcome to the forums as well!

I can check, I’ll be my pleasure :smiley:

Do you any active character? Cheesecakemcgee is not showing any results, but I can check if you other characters.

And I’ll need the Server as well, I got the region as US-East.

Thank you for your patience!

a live chat agent is trying to recover the character as we speak, but I’ll let you know :slight_smile:
thanks anyway, and thank you for the quick response, I appreciate it

Hello @Burchet !

Was nice reading about you helping these two folks out.
I was wondering if you could help me out restoring a character aswell.
I didn’t know about the name lock after deleting a character, so I was hoping you could restore that one to then use a name change on it. This would then allow me to use it on my “new” main. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Server: Asta (EU Central)
Name: Formonde (was a sharpshooter)
Deletion date: like 10 minutes ago from when this was posted

Best regards

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Hi @Formonde, welcome to our forums section!

I’m glad to assist you to restore the character. :balloon:

If you are in-game please close the game and wait for a few minutes.

I’ll let you know when you can launch the game. :smile_cat:

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Wow, thanks for quick reply @Firus !

The game is now closed.

Sorry for the delay, had to restart the system that is not loading properly hehe.

I’m almost done and I’ll let you know in a few minutes : )

Update: I know it can be obvious but just want to confirm you want to restore the lvl 18th. Is because i see another hawk eye lvl 10.

Yeah, the level 18.

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Hey @Formonde,

I’m so sorry about this, it shouldn’t happen. The system is not loading properly, we are working to fix it and as soon as I be able to access I’ll restore your character and let you know in this same post.

When I proceed with the character restoration, if you are in-game, i will kick you out so no panic if you receive a message within the next hours in-game and get automatically kicked.

Once again, my apologies for this inconvenience.

I’ll be in touch as soon as I restore your char!

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Hey @Firus ,

no worries!

It’s 12:20 AM for me anyway. Time to get some rest. :smiley:

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I hope you rest, we’ll be in touch : )


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Hey @Formonde,

After many hours working on fix the inconvenience we are done and I’ve successfully restored your character Formonde lvl 18.

Plese check your account and let me know if the character was successfully restored!



Hi @Firus ,

yes, the character has been successfully restored.

Thank you very much for your time!

Best regards.

It has been a pleasure!

If you have any other questions or need help with something else here we are to assist you.

Have a wonderful weekend! See you in Arkesia.