Recovery deleted character (i dont remember his nickname)

Hi, I want to recover a character and I don’t remember his name, I’m deleting a character to recover him, can you tell me his name? It’s one and he was a artilherist in Tier 1 server: Kazeros

Hello @yagorafael12397

I can help you recovering the character, I would need to find the account first so if you can provide me the name of another of your characters that would help me find it.

For the name I may not be able to provide it if the character has been deleted for longer than 60 days, this is because by that time the name should have been released and if anyone else uses that same name it would delete all information from your character.

Let me know!

Shadowhunter , server Kazeros nickname: Macyota

Just checked, I only see 1 artillerist under your account lvl 50, it seems it has been longer than those 60 days so for the safety of maintaining the character I won’t be able to provide you the name but I can still restore it if you have a slot available, Do you want me to go ahead and restore it?

I have a character being deleted, when it is deleted I send another message

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Hello again, I have already freed up a character slot to recover the artillerist

Hi @yagorafael12397,

Let me take a look into this and help you with the restoration.

I’ll be right back.

Thank you for waiting @yagorafael12397,

I’ve successfully restored the character Shinimasu, an Artillerist lvl 50. You can launch the game now and check the slot.

If there is anything else we can help with just let us know,

Have a good one.

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