Recovery Deleted Character?


Can someone help me restore a deleted character. I forgot to move some skins out from their inventory :sweat_smile:

Character Name: Luxbear
Server: Valtan


Hello @Interstellarbear!

I’d be glad to help you restoring your character, but I’ve been unable to locate it.

Could you please provide me another nickname from your active characters? So I could find it linked to the same account. Would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi Burchet
Another characters in my roster is Interstellarbear

Hello @Interstellarbear ! I hope you are well.

Do you want us to restore another character named Interstellarbear?

Hi GoHi,

No, just the character named Luxbear.


Oh perfect, I get it. Good to know that you are fine with your character.

Have a safe Trip in Arkesia :sailboat: :volcano: :mountain: :crossed_swords:


The character (Luxbear) that I wanted restored hasn’t been restored. I gave another characters nickname (Interstellarbear) because Burchet asked for that information as they could not locate the deleted character. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you so much for the explanation.

Do you still need that we restore it?

Yes please

Hi @Interstellarbear,

I’ve restored the charactrer Luxbear. You can launch the game and confirm that you can see it in the 3rd slot.

Hope this helps n.n

Cheers. :balloon: