Recovery of a character since friend deleted mine

Hi there!

I had a lovely friend think deleting my character would be funny… Now I am missing items and my username is also gone for 60 days. Would love it if you guys could recover it for me if possible.

Character: Hanzro
Lvl: I believe 10 or 11
Server: Zosma (North America East)

If it helps here is a current character I am running on the same server

Character: Hanzroo
Lvl: 20

Thanks for any help!

Hello @Hanzro, welcome to the forums!

Hey! It’s so bad to hear your friend deleted your character, that’s not funny at all.

I’m glad to go ahead and restore the character.

Just to make sure, the char you want me to recover is Hanzro lvl 10-11?

Hey Firus,

That is correct it is Hanzro is a berserker around lvl 10-11 on the server mentioned\

Thanks for the quick reply I appreciate it greatly

Awesome! Thank you for the confirmation.

I’m going to proceed with the character restoration. While I’m on it please close the game and I’ll update you when you can go back in.


Hey! I’m sorry the delay.

The character has been restored. Please launch the game and check the character status.

Let me know if the char is back and if there is something else i can help you with! :wink:


Everything appears to be back to normal!

Once again thank you for your help!

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My pleasure!

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

See you in Arkesia! :sunrise: :sailboat: