Recovery of a deleted character in EUC region

Good morning,

Would it be possible to have my previously deleted Soulfist, by the name of “Gokusmom”, restored?

I am a player from Europe Central region, Zinnervale server.

In case I have mistyped the name of my soulfist, my main roster character is “Darkfix” if that helps to find it quicker.

Thank you in advance!
P.S I am currently not online, and will not be till midday most likely (I’ve seen previous posts, where You ask the person to be offline in order to restore the character) and I do have an empty character slot left.

Hello @Darkfix welcome back!

Let me check your Soulfist and I’ll let you know if it is possible to restore!

Edit: hey @Darkfix I was able to restore Gokusmom, the next time that you get in the game, it should be there.

I hope this helps, have a great adventure :shield: :crossed_swords: !

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