Red gate in Chaos dungeon is bugged

Loaded in and the boss (Lujean) doesnt spawn, shortly after the game stop responding and froze so i had to force restart, loading the game back in and same thing happens again so i lost my Chaos Dungeon run due to this problem. Please fix thanks


#Metoo , should compensate us because of this .

To spawn boss you need move (also timer not start if you dont move) - thats how Im waiting for cooldowns, switch skills and drink potions.

But I think you get game error and freeze.


No, literally i moved then game frozed boss did spawned. Even loading back in again the boss attacks and i see pattern but boss is completely invisible and got no hitbox but the hp bar is there. Shortly after about 3-5s game stopped responding again and froze

Exactly the same, right now. Crashed twice (first time and after reconnecting back to the Chaos Dungeon) it was level 1 South Vern, 1415 cap. Red portal with Lujean boss. Rip my Aura of Resonance.

Game completely froze… Fix this and we need compensation for sure, it’s not fair.

You guys make me to not enter the chaos dungeon :frowning:

AGS will just assume you have a network problem

Also just had this bug. Sent in a support ticket but not holding out hope.

Can’t expect a patch without bugs from now on. Great job!

The maintenance after the maintenance is coming. Prepare yourselves!

a record of 7 maintenances in a week for na west inbound

You guys getting red gates??? I saw it in 4 months only 2 times. One on main and one on first ALT…

same issue here, game freezes, had to close and restart, upon loading back in it crashes immediately. lost my portal and the rest of the chaos run… hope we can get some acknowledgement soon, dont wanna do chaos on my alts now…

Unfortunate, but hopefully you will be able to avoid doing any content immediately after the servers are back up until later on into the day when it’s more stable and supposedly things will be “fixed”.

Every week after every maint, there is always some sort of issue/crashing/what have you so it’s really a risk to be doing anything with lockouts or the sorts unless that’s the only time you have to do content then ripperino.

It’s not a bug, it’s a new feature to counter bot activity :joy:

Same thing happened with Lujean boss :^)

I had the same bug, my game freeze totally…
So I guess no chaos dungeon until the next maintenance

It’s an absolutely game breaking bug for those that get it. I just had the same problem. it’s absolutely fucked up. Not only don’t you get the red gate, you also lose the 3rd stage of the chaos dungeon.
Since there was a compensation for the pvp tokens that were not sent correctly (getting 10 instead of 100+), I sure do hope there is a compensation for this bug as well!

This happened to me on my T2 Sorc alt.

It was in that same area though.