Red Portal in South Vern Chaos Gate freezes the game

Hello everyone.

Today I ran into a problem that ended up causing me to lose both my daily Chaos Dungeons and also missing on the good “Red Portal” rewards.
I ran my first Chaos Dungeon solo with my Main Character (Paladin) and was glad, to get a Red Gate.
But after I entered the Red Gate and ran for ~3 seconds and the Boss should spawn, my Game froze completely.
I waited for 2 Minutes, but the game was still completely frozen.
Since I didn’t want to lose the rewards I closed the game trough the Task Manager (nothing else worked since the game completely froze) and since the game takes around 4 minutes to open up again, I ended up with the timer being at 0 and my run ended (I had 57% completion and could only leave the Chaos Dungeon or Re-Enter → not continue).
After that I restartet the Computer.
Then I ran my second Chaos Dungeon and lucky me, I got another Red Gate.
I entered and it was the same: I ran for 3 seconds and as the Boss should spawn my game froze.
This time I was faster in closing the game and restarting.
As I got back online I had 1 minute of time left, but as the model of the boss was about to load (I could fight it for around 15 seconds while it was invisible for me) my game froze again.

So yeah, Red Gates freeze the game, you can’t proceed without it and you lose half your rewards including the completion rewards.
Hope it gets fixed soon and maybe get some compensation for lost runs (i.e. Elixier of Resonance).

If this topic is already being discussed and I missed it, just include my post as a comment into it.

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I had another occurrence at 1415 Chaos Dungeon. Boss was once again Lujean. Relogged after first freeze but it happened again a few seconds into the fight. Total of 3 freezes after red portals so far. Feels bad man. Red portals should be something to be happy about not angry. Not sure how this should be addressed after fix since resonance red portals are super valuable. Resonance potions aren’t going to cut it unless more than a couple are given.

Same issue, mine was also Lujean

Hello, the team is aware of the crashes in the “red room” of chaos dungeons. Thanks!

You’re not the only one, had the exact same issue just now.

same. apparently the “work around” is to quit the dungeon and NOT enter the red portal… well too late… I entered and the client froze. You do have QA and they can’t reproduce? Huh…

How is quitting the dungeon a workaround? You still lose the entry count and you don’t get the full rewards.