Reduce the timer on islands pls

I really would appreciate if I don’t have to wait 3 minutes on an island so it start…
If I want to do 10 different islands per day, I wasted around 30 mins. On some islands (Gesbroy) more.

There is a timer already, when islands starts. PC these day doesn’t need 3 minutes to load a island. So pls. Imo 3 minutes are annoying

The 3 minutes are important. It gives people time to load in and get into position. Not everyone is playing on current generation hardware. There are tons of players that need that 3 minutes, and if the event started immediately when the island appeared then a lot of people would miss the start of the event. As you mentioned, there’s already a timer on island appearance… if this is such a big deal then why not simply show up 2-3 minutes later yourself? Nobody is forcing you to zone in right when the island appears.