Reentry Ticket Issues

My group and I were kicked due to server maintenance while doing Valtan Gate 2. Typically wouldn’t post something like this but I think we need this addressed. A warning notice or something implemented. My live support was extremely nice, but I feel bad because even they seem confused on the situation. When hovering over the dungeon “Entry Requirements” my entry weekly count is exceeded but it Clearly says I have not completed it yet.

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Me [9:39:24 PM] : Issue: Lost Ark - In-game issues: Something Else

—[9:39:39 PM] : Hello, my name is —. I’m here to help you today. Just to be sure, are you contacting about New World or Lost Ark?

Me [9:39:56 PM] : Hello —! This is regarding Lost ark

—[9:40:02 PM] : How may I help you?

Me [9:40:57 PM] : Its been 24 hours plus and I have not yet received my reentry ticket for Valtan Gate 2 as I was told I would receive within 24 hours by another customer service agent

—[9:43:24 PM] : Thank you for bringing this in our attention Taaliyah. I would just like to let you know that If the issue happened less than 24h since contact, all eligible players will automatically receive their additional entry within 24h. Otherwise, if the issue happened more than 48h since contact, please be informed that you are not eligible to receive another entry via our automated system as your issue was not caused by something on our end.

—[9:44:29 PM] : Please keep in mind that the current system will only allow for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects.

Me [9:44:51 PM] : No Your system is not working properly and it was because of you guys and on your end

—[9:45:24 PM] : May I know your character name and server please?

Me [9:45:27 PM] : We were disconnected because of the maintenance that happened on friday night

Me [9:45:48 PM] : while we were raiding we were removed from the instanced unknown that we would not be able to reenter

Me [9:46:00 PM] : Character: Blushlyxo

Me [9:46:06 PM] : Server: Valtan

—[9:46:51 PM] : If that’s the case, have you checked your mail in-game? because you will be granted right away for the re-entry if the system verifies that the issue was caused by our end

—[9:47:25 PM] : But let me just try to raise this concern to the developers team so that they can investigate this one further

Me [9:48:07 PM] : no where does it say we have a risk of losing our reentry if we are disconnected from your scheduled maintenance

Me [9:48:38 PM] : i have no reentry ticket in my mailbox

Me [9:49:56 PM] : Again we were removed from Valtan because of the Maintenance that was Friday night. Nothing to do on my end.

Me [9:50:30 PM] :…(See full link)

Me [9:50:37 PM] : ^ as listed here.

—[9:52:02 PM] : Actually whenever there is an announced maintenace, it is expected that all players will not play Lost Ark first since it is expected that the server will be down

—[9:52:53 PM] : However, I will just take this as a feedback and taise this concern to the developers team so that they will be the one who will investigate this further

Me [9:53:42 PM] : What ur saying makes no sense.

—[9:53:46 PM] : Again i’m sorry that you had this issue, usually when there is a maintenance or any other server shutdown it will be show on the latest news section or on a banner on the top of the main forum page, with the lost ticket as the statement says the delivery could take up for some hours to a day, and the appropriate ticket will be delivered to your in-game mailbox when it arrives, you do not need to do anything else, just wait and check on your mailbox

Me [9:54:45 PM] : So actually we cant play when the server is offline and we get kicked/removed from the server when the scheduled maintenance happens.

Me [9:56:57 PM] : Can this be elevated to the dev team? I will also post a forum about this issue because it is a poor system and many players are having this issue.

—[9:57:48 PM] : I will escalate this issue to the developers team Taaliyah so that they can investigate this further

Me [9:58:10 PM] : And if i do not receive my rewards for the week?

Me [9:58:50 PM] : I also know this is not your fault so excuse my frustration please

—[9:58:58 PM] : With regards to that I cannot give you a definite answer yet since the developers team are the only one assigned when it comes to compensations.

—[9:59:22 PM] : I truly understand Taaliyah and I understand your situation since I am a gamer too for Lost Ark.

Me [10:00:15 PM] : Losing out on rewards for the week is huge because calculating everything you get from Valtan normal mode alone takes a month plus

—[10:00:55 PM] : I will just raise a ticket for this in your behalf and I will contact you via email once I get a word from the developers team that would usually take 24-72 hours.

—[10:01:09 PM] : I will let you know once they are done with the investigation.

Me [10:01:21 PM] : thank you

—[10:01:37 PM] : Aside from this, is there anything else that I can assist you with?

—[10:03:38 PM] : I don’t mean to rush you, but we’ve been idle for 2 minutes. I want to make sure our chat’s still connected.

Me [10:03:55 PM] : that is all i guess ill have to wait

—[10:04:11 PM] : Thank you for contacting Amazon Games! Be safe always

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