Referred to as HIM not HER, in main story quest "The Final Battle"

Just finished doing the quest “The Final Battle”.

My character gets referred to as HIM, both from the voice line AND the subtitles, despite being female (sorceress).

Kharmine: “But this is the one who killed Scherrit. Killing him should prove rather enjoyable, yes?”

This seems to be an issue for at least a few other female classes from what I can tell of other forum posts (so quite possibly all?).
Hoping this is just an error, and NOT that there isn’t even a voice line of Kharmine saying ‘her’.

No, I’m pretty sure it’s directed at the player character:

  1. You are the one that actually kills Scherrit.
  2. You are standing in the way of the demon getting to Thirain.
  3. The demon is annoyed that the wielder of Vanquisher (Thirain) is injured, and thus would spoil his ‘vengeance’.
  4. Kharmine even apologises for not letting the demon get his proper ‘vengeance’, before offering ‘the one who killed Scherrit’ as an alternative means to satiate his lust for vengeance.
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