Refinement % are false and schemed

A recuurent case in my refinement history is that the % of craft energy added to the principal % for success is false or not taken as it should in the calcul of probanility.
They are showed in a manner to lure us in believing that there is more improvement in succes that it realliy is.

And by the way, its absollutely not random, its like casino machine, which are programmed to give x gains, if you are at a machine which are given all it has to give, you can pass all day long and you will not gain a cent.

The same here, the algorythm of success is to make have use x resources to each rank. And for the resouces needed its exponentional, meaning you use the same amount of resources of the 15 level as for the sum of the 13 precedent levels.

If anyone asked a trial on this, its for sure there will be trouble. im done of this permanent lies for P2W mechanics pretending not to be , and being randomn. They are NOT.

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nah bruv, u are overthinking it

its a 50/50, u either get or u dont


Very hard to prove, need expertise and large data. Thread close!

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Seems like someone got 100% artisan a few times in a row.


Hi, i overthink nothing, they re plenty of society specialized in algorythm in P

W games; you should see their seminaries to promote products which are algorythms to design games and make the most of it for gaining money in P2w games.

And if you were good at probabilistic mathematics, the number they showed are not what they say thety re; nothing new here, all big companies use this scheme, EA with FIFA, NFL, and all; 2K sports;

IA are used in FIFA and on and on , so there re no 50/50 to begin with, there no such things only in a real coin toss.

someone is mad they are failing :joy:

in the end you still reach 100% artisan and succeed. Can’t see a problem here like on some other games that your gear break or reduces level.

The chances are accurate. Human brains though are really really bad at dealing with random chance.

So tl;dr
You are mad that you fail upgrades like everyone else in the game and now blame it on some artificial tinfoil hat theory cause you have seen a video on YT where a scummy guy talks about how games operate

Just to take your logic a step further, i have friends low tapping items left and right while i go to high artisan most of the time. Are you going to tell me their “machine” is just always giving the wins while mine is always giving the fails? So I should just make a new account to get better luck then?

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I feel like you are one of those people that are in something like bitconnect after a 5 min peptalk and afterwards think they understand everything and try to explain to the “stupid” people how bitconnect is the future.

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Total agree but there is one thing i can easy see its when i hav ethe numbers in front on me saying, 15% on 30 of succeed, i have so they say + 98.62% of craft energy and it failed several times with number like this; probabilistic mathematics say i should have not failed with this numbers.

They have the audicity to make people beileive it’s a real randomn dice roll, it isnt; its an algorythmn build on several parameters they control. No conspiracy its a fact, all P2W are design like this. Its the same in LOOT BOxes which begin to be ban in a lot of countries, its gambling and gamblin in Casino has never been fair, they are authorized to program their slot machines to give a % of their gain.

They are under gambling laws, and so their taxes. Under strict regulation, which Game Industry are not. Sorry but this End Game is a money Heist. And im not a whale or a sheep.

And for those who dont know algorythmns regul a lot of their life. Intstruct and learn.

Buddy craft energy is useless unless it hits 100%. Its never 10% +30% artisan what?
Its 10%, 10.5%(1 fail), 11.0% (2 fails), etc… until you reach 100% in artisan whereby your HONING rate is boosted to 100%

There are certain P2W elements in the game. Yoz and Card Packs are the loot boxes. Honing, given the very fact it has artisan energy makes it not a lootbox. You have a 100% chance of getting the item. You have to look at it properly.

The real cost of an upgrade is the 100% artisan cost one. You HAVE certain chances of getting the upgrade for cheaper. Not the other way around

Never seen it this way, but it makes the most sense.

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I make my maths because one of my guils just one taped +18 +19 +20 and +21 of the weapon and the probabilties aren’t wrong but a little suspicious if someone studies probabilities in collegue and can make the maths will see that aren’t right or maybe I just make the maths wrongs 6 times.

You individual experience can’t be used as proof for anything when it comes to probability, if you studied it you know. If we take all the players and see the average of the game’s entire population then we should have a value that is as close as the one shown as the chance to hone. Artisan is there already to make your personal experience to not be too outrageously behind the curve, they can for sure improve the rates, but the system works as intended

Thats artisan energy, not your chance of succes, thats like a loading bar, you gotta get it to 100% to load, it wont load even if its at 99.5%

Yes Buddy as you say until its 100 its USELESS so why put it ?
It’s exactly what i m saying, they re numbers to lure people and do as they want and its not a fair roll dice, thats why they put % of %, they do as they want with the multiple paramaters of the algorythm of succes and its not hazard at all.

Enjoy yourself being lied and lured.

Or maybe you’re millionnaire or a whale.

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would you rather pay 100 of the cost every time you hone then?

Yes but halve the cost to imitate sensible honing luck.