Refinement % are false and schemed

OP is as dumb as a brick

i hav ethe numbers in front on me saying, 15% on 30 of succeed, i have so they say + 98.62% of craft energy and it failed several times with number like this; probabilistic mathematics say i should have not failed with this numbers.

dude’s adding artisan energy to his upgrade %, you cant make this up LMAO :skull:
Doesn’t know the basics of honing yet he be typing whole ass essays to complain about it

til its 100 its USELESS so why put it ?

It’s there to show you how close you are from a guaranteed upgrade

its not a fair roll dice, thats why they put % of %

Again, its there to show you how close you are to 100%, that number plays no role on your taps until it fills up

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Yeah i think Theres rng claimed on 2 more Things which isnt:

Chaos Gear parts (example: i Had a Ton of good quality Striker T2 Heads, weapons and Something Else,while the Other Things were way often Bad quality) i saw this on multiple chars that a specific or specific Slots rolled way more often nice or good quality.

If the Accessoires are full rng i would Like them to explain Finding 1:1 my Item at AH (the odds For 100% Same stats on T3 jewelry are Like 1:1 gazillion i guess, still did Happen at least 2 Times (Matched engravings Inc negative, quality 1:1)

yes officer, this guy right here.

using expertise, you criminal, hope you get gatekept

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Hi; 1st it’s pratically always like this since 1370+ refinement(80% of my stuff has to go to 100%). How many times even with 98% of craft energy it fails.

2nd this is not the point of the topic, so i repeat for you. The topic is that the refinement success rate is not a randomn roll dice, its an algorythmn with multiple paramters(like how many success do you have til now) to make you use a certain amount of materials and time, in goal of cash shop.

And i played MMO for a long time, Wow at the beginning, Aion at the beginning(the best MMO ever),Black Desert, Blade and Soul, FF14 , all at launch. They were not free. With time certain begins the F2P system and it becomes as Lost Ark is from the beginning.

I dont know how it is in Corea, but the game design is ruined by the economic designed. What i have done in 1200 hours, can easily be done 200 hours.

Things have to change because at the end, it wont last. All who will rremain will be bots, elite players or rich people. No more average players, its has begin, in Fribourg if you create a new chara, no more people around, it will be peak but mostly bots when new chara is launch.

I never play a F2P game before, and it will be the last. Hopefully new MMO seems to arrive soon, and not F2P and all the lies and lures which go with it, its the same policy as mobile game.

Hope it will clarify my point, im not an angry kid but a veteran player.

A veterano player that didnt took the time to see how honing works in a game already published years ago k.

It’s a pity system!!! Are you really questioning why put a limit on fails in a upgrade with chances less than 8%??? I can’t believe someone would question having a guarantee upgrade after certain amount of fails in a typical grind mmo. If you are such a maso you should have played TERA and complain their infinite fails starting at 1% chance of sucess with a miserable 0.5% increase for each fail.

For someone who says you played MMO for a long time not even understanding how the honing system works proves you didn’t take a single minute to read the instructions IN GAME before go ahead on forum complain about p2w and false percentages. No matter how good you are in math, you need a huge amount of samples to more or less establish the percentage, you alone represents nothing.

Also, you really expect progress to be easy in a free to play mmo? For such a mmo veteran to never played a free to play one you sure talk as if you were an expert in upgrading equips, even more in eastern mmo.

Also blade and soul was free on release and for a long time. Just curious, did you quit Aion because it went f2p model? :slightly_smiling_face:

What kind of design you are even talking about? Because a problem I constantly see is that people don’t understand mmo have to lunch content constant as to not lose plyer base. Because of that they need to make sure the content last for as long as the next will take to develop, of course most games make it as in upgrade being hard. You are not supposed to hit +25 in one day, that makes no sense.

At the same time, it’s made hard to make sure players play a certain amount of time everyday. I’m honestly surprised the game even has features like rest bonus and pity system. It helps reduce the amount of time in game without losing too much.

Seriously man, i dont play game in Coreen as F2P garbage, it’s my 1st and last . Enjoy yourself being lured or passing 1000 or 2000 hours for 100 hours of real game or real progression. I will go back to a great game FF14, and in 3 months the game will be filled as i said by bots, money maker. I think its F2P people mind to like this kind of game design where all is designed(from quest to portal to currencies to cards to retain progression and make you pay progression in money or time. That is why there are overly complexed systems of progression from cards to currencies to crystals which each one depending on an other severly restricted unless you buy premium currencies and even like this it demands a big big wallet. All is exponential, meaning the 2 last level is more demanding in ressources that all you have spend on the 13 precedent levels. And there re no roll dice, every one in average will will use the same amount of ressources. The % is for nothing.

To awake cards 1 for the first, 2 for the second;3;4; 5: 15 cards to awake a single card; 15 cards of the same card and you multiply by the numbers of cards of you build.

The same goes for everything. All geographic point of portals, mission are equally distant and always the farest of a tp or portal.

Its mobile game design.

As i say enjoy yourself, maybe you re rich, lucky for you. I’m not and i value my time in gaming.

And as for the servers their ping are ridicule, i have 1Go optical and its 31 ms.

31ms is 0.031 seconds. You think if it was lower that you wouldn’t die as much? I promise its your fault, not the latency.

As i say enjoy yourself and lost ark is the best MMO ever.

OP you’re just assuming SG is acting in bad faith due to a bias against… casinos I guess? It works in a completely different way.

Casinos have an edge on everything to guarantee you lose more than you win, which they need because you get money back and keep gambling, but that makes no sense in LA. If there’s an edge that makes honing chances worse that they are… why wouldn’t they just show lower chances? They have no reason to show a low chance and then have the actual chance be a hidden slightly lower chance lmao.

You being anecdotally unlucky means nothing. Most of my honing has been slightly above average accoring to maxroll’s honing calculator, and I 3tapped my weapon 18>19 and 1tapped 19>20 which is MASSIVELY better than average and saved me a ton of money.

I’m sure pretty much the vast majority of players put their planned upgrades in a honing calculator and see what the average is, and know that in most cases you end up slightly above or below the average.

I can only imagine how bad some people are if spreading trash opinions is more important for them, than actually learning anything about the game

Idk as well, can you point that not existing place on map?

Yeah, you are someone special, in your dumb special way.
You are proving that even in these listed games you had no idea about anything.
BDO is extremely grindy and it’s way worse if it comes to ability to progress through paying

Yeah, won’t last on your PC? Good, quit.

GL in that, especially when you were pointing out other trash and contradicting yourself, keep waiting for another 20 years because there is nothing on the horizon

No way, you don’t understand anything about the game you are trying to complain about, you are contradicting yourself and giving false examples based on your subjective experience which is not based on any sensible amount of knowledge about other games.

You are angry washed casual player, time to find casual game that fits your needs

You seriously complaining about 31 ping? If you manage to die at that ping you may as well just quit because that’s not game fault, it’s your own lack of skill.
You certainly don’t know much about mmo in general or f2p games. It’s useless to discuss with you since you lack experience in those and clearly don’t care to listen to what others have to say.


Yes its clearly a lack of knowledge on F2P, but i have an advise for all of you, only F2p players, monogamer who think they are good gamers because they repeat 1000 hours the same thing.

You should once time try in your lifetime, how is it called?.. or yes i remember; are you ready; a “GOOD VIDEO GAME”, not an MMO which is a casino in MMO cloth.

The world is wilde and rich of videogame, you will understand then. Kiddo.

yeah im f2p (bought arkpass though) i pitied +19 weapon but then got both +20 and +21 in a total of 8 attempts (4 for both) sure rng can be shit but rng can also be good. just gotta deal with it.

also i read you’re complaining about 31ms ping?? my guy, try dealing with a lot of the mechanics on 200 ping then tell me how much of a hard time you’re having. be grateful you live in the country where the servers are located.

Define being “good gamer”. If you are refering that to yourself, then I would call it differently, so far you are only meeting criteria to be called uneducated idiot, at best.

How cute you assume I only play f2p nor I know what a “GOOD VIDEO GAME” is. The phrase good video game is a personal opinion and the fact that you are ignoring everyone’s opinions and thinking only yours is right makes you sound extremely self-opinionated and arrogant. You are being straight up patronizing for someone with limited experience in games. Stop making useless posts based solely on your personal opinion if you don’t brother listening to others. Also, quit already.


Expect to always pity after +17.

“always expect to pity and you are never sad”

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