Reflux at brel HM

My Reflux is properly build with 5x3 (reflux, grudge, adrenaline, hm, aoa), lvl 8 and 9 gems. At 1560…it is so hard to get into a brel HM party. Even the 1-2 ones take other picks before my Reflux

My sup is also at 1560 and I have seen some very well-geared Reflux with level 10 gems, 1580+. During 5-6 brel group. Party lead won’t even give them a glance. They rather pick others at ilevel than a out-geared Reflux.

As much as I enjoy the class. It looks like her future is just doom. I play full crt-casting, btw.

I am getting ready to do some shopping for ancient. Sure I just make the switch to ignite?

I don’t really want to put all that pheon into a class that I cannot even get into a party.

Is reflux really completely out of the window for endgame content now?

They probably didn’t invite you because they thought you were igniter.

Igniter sorcs are kind of a trap. Igniter is only a high tier dps if you can play it perfectly. Otherwise if you’re part of the other 99%, you kind of jail the whole raid single handedly.

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Your Rosterlvl and your Title also playing a big Role…
Im playing full crit casting Reflux too, but since i’ve hit 1575 GS, +20 Weapon and a full 8/9 Gempage, i dont have any Problems with gatekeeping anymore.

Nah mate players like to look at roster lvls and horizontal/vertical achievements etc. Anyone can get brel gears and lvl 10 gems easily now that they have made it so much easier to obtain it for new players. High roster lvls and horizontal achievements speaks a lot more than just easy to get items. It takes years to obtain it and years means more experience. Your resume shows that you are not the candidate they are looking for :person_shrugging:t2:

My rosters lvl is 216

I have everything, but the island soul from that one yearning island and missing that oblivion map and four sailing maps…it just won’t drop

My weapon is at 18. Maybe I sure get that white glow. Just don’t have the gold yet

well Reflux damage is pretty bad on this lvl. The buff was not enough to make Reflux viable. Compare with the meta classes it’s just bad.

Yes, reflux is being gatekept extremely bad right now, because people are talking nonsense, as they like to do with classes that they don’t play. Casting reflux has it even worse. However, reflux is a very consistent, safe and reliable DPS, it’s also easy to play, so imo it’s a safe option for a pug, but people fear that they do zpds. I’m a reflux main with full lvl 7 gems due to taking a break and I showed up on every G5 and G6 MVP screen this and last week. It is what it is though, as someone who relies on pugging, I feel myself slowly quitting again, as playing party finder simulator is just not very fun.

On the server I play reflux is not seen with good eyes, some friends of mine say “why would I accept a sorceress reflux if I can accept another one that does the same thing with much more damage?”, I don’t think that’s fair, things don’t they should be like this, even more so nowadays where players look at their ilvl, their achievements etc… reflux and they are more of an obstacle, not to mention that the sorceress class requires more mastery to be played, due to its low HP and defense, the lack of mastery of some end up harming others who really know how to play with the class! I play Blue Gunlance, I also have difficulty finding parties, but I think sorceress reflux suffers much more!

Note: Collect your +20 weapon, having a maximum weapon makes it very easy, after I put my gunlance weapon +20 I can find a party more easily

I can concur with the gatekeeping as a fellow reflux sorc. She is 1570 now (+20 weapon, 97 quality, 5x3 meta engravings, level 7 gems, LoS18, 226 roster level) but I still get gatekept from time to time due to streamers badmouthing reflux.

The next big upgrade would be to somehow acquire 6 level 9 gems to replace my level 7 damage gems (unfortunately each of my 6 dps skills does roughly the same % of the total). If only I could just buy 1 or 2 gems to buff my sorc like other classes can (e.g. surge blade, barrage arti, etc.)

Getting LoS30 is a near goal for me as well as I’m only 4 cards away (mostly need thigh-rain and balthorrs). But maybe that’s something people are gatekeeping now too.

In my opinion, the real issue is the devs made G5-6 way too tight of a DPS check for 1560s. Even 1580s struggle to meet the DPS check which results in players being ever more picky in choosing DPS.

Reflux don’t have the highest DPS, but still way better than a igniter at new raid.

Most igniter won’t know when to ignite. More often than not, they end up using blink or end up on the floor. Therefore, most igniter are worse than a blue gl and some is even below that or an sup dmg…cause, they just end up on floor way too early

Ignite only does top DPS if they know the fight and window to ignite.

This gatekeeping is so trash!

yeah I don’t take any reflux sorcs especially for g6 they deal ZDPS

Then you don’t know how it works or you played with very bad reflux sorcs.

I played with both for over a year, Igniter is way better in everything wdym

You can play whatever you want, don’t let the playerbase force you to reinvest gold and pheons into a new build

Igniter is not way better in everything. Sure it’s higher ceiling DPS with the right party comp and coordinated burst windows. But in G6 Brel, especially in pugs, reflux does indeed work quite well as the supports are mostly focusing on healing and players need to play more defensively (where blink really helps).

With mastery of knowing when to ignite and all possible boss attacks considered, then I agree that igniter sorcs are a great asset.

But to say that reflux does “ZDPS” is very far from the truth and to gatekeep them with that mentality is what leads to these kinds of discussions. Every class engraving, if played well, can contribute to G6 Brelshaza. Reflux has a higher floor and lower ceiling in most cases, but that lower ceiling is more than enough if the player is geared well and knows how to avoid attacks (and attack in-between).