Reflux sorc feels under power

Hi friends,

I’m playing as a reflux sorc main, but feeling underpowered. Please refer to pictures for specs. I have lvl5 tripod on most of my tier 3 tripod. I’m doing 1.8m average for 2 minutes trixion training test. I feel like I should be doing more damage than this. I’m still working on the card set. Maybe I’m just a massive noob without knowing, so please go easy on me. Any suggestions on changes for improvement would be greatly appreciated.




Whats your weps quality

Do you play with the Nightmare set?
And if yes, do you also activate the set effect with your Awakening ability at the beginning of the fight?

And tbh I would replace Adrenaline with Grudge or Cursed Doll, because you have so much crit from accessories already + working on Lostwind cliff 12 awakening I suppose (or Light of Salvation 18)

Hope your stone has Adrenaline on it, makes it easier to replace (1 book 1 stone)

And instead of Trixion, how do you do in Guardian Raids and Legion Raids?
Are you on mvp screen? Annihilator? (Upright/Cruel) Fighter?

Also there is not much to say about rotations, as reflux you just hit every ability whatever comes off cooldown

I do play with the full nightmare set with awakening at the beginning.
I’m woking on the lostwind cliff 12. In trixion, I get around 70%-75% crit with 2 min test.
In guardian raids, I usually get fighter or upright fighter. Rarely do I get cruel fighter.
I can try to do some test with cursed doll/grudge, but it shhould increase the DPS to 2m max even with grudge added on top of the 4x3.

I believe my weap quality is in the 60s.

I think youre playing Piano reflux right?
So try to Test Instant cast Build with doomsday.
Youre Rotation Looks like: awakening, debuff and Then other skills on cd?

I’m not sure what it’s called but my skills include:

  • blaze
  • esoteric
  • frost call
  • reverse gravity
  • rime arrow
  • punishing strike
  • seraphic hail
  • counter skill
    Rotation include awakening, debuff with blazed then use any skill as they become available.
    I tried using doomsday instead of the counter skill. DPS didn’t really improve because of the casting time is so long I think.

Its not piano its normal insta cast

If youre trying Instant cast Build Then you Need to go, All Out Attack because you got 3 Casting skills. Youre need to improve These tripods and gems Then you can say if its improve or not.

Insta cast isn’t casting build and it has 0 cast skills

Reflux got many variations
casting - with all out attack and doomsday
instant crit - what OP is playing
instant swift - piano, spamming

What you described is the casting version
(in my opinion, if you play cast reflux, you might as well play igniter)

Nice to know, but it doesnt help. You can call whatever you want but its Not the answer of her/his question.

The problem is, there is not much to say about the play style of reflux

Other than going through all the tripods and skill runes, there is no advice like “remember to hit double doomsday during igniter” or “after 20 stacks, press Surge”

Insta Reflux does not have such things to look out for. You just press whatever is ready and that’s it
(Unless when using Conviction&Judgment)

Yeah youre right. But it doesnt help at all. So we figured out the skill Rotation(debuff), relic set with awakening at Start. We know skills and so on. You can choose if you Wanna help try to write some usefull or dont write something.

It’s just I’m not sure why my build is so underpowered compared. Trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong. 1.8m DPS seems extremely underpower for a reflux sorc.

Maybe you can Go with Adrenalin 1 and 1 More dmg engraving like CD?

It may sound low but I don’t think it is ‘that’ low, considering you get upright and rarely cruel fighter

Other specs may have higher Trixion dps but tied to conditions, like back or front attacking, playing the perfect burst rotation etc - which does not really apply to reflux

An Igniter sorc might do 2.5m in Trixion, but in a Legion raid 1m if they miss their igniter windows.

Not as reflux, with blink you can reposition yourself almost instantly and keep attacking without losing downtime, not tied to any burst windows and can consistently deal good damage

A video to analyze would be good, but probably too annoying to make

Is your uptime high when fighting? (not in Trixion)
Like, not many unnecessary movements or getting hit/knocked often, losing time to press abilities

Or the time between the skills (apm), like skills are ready but not pressing immediately, aka slow fingers

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I can try and make a video when I get home. I’m just seeing insane DPS videos on youtube for reflux sorc, which I’m no where close to. ie Lost Ark Reflux 1475 3.9Mil/DPS - Trixion - YouTube
Not quite exact build but engraving is very similar.

Youre missing Grudge, Maybe youre shoulders and hands to low because These multiplicative engravings scale with attack Power.

It’s a different build, he is playing with 2 piece dominion which further increases your skill damage and cooldown reduction, resulting in higher dps

He (in the video) also got a higher + weapon, he got a lot more atk power

also adding Grudge, that’s 20%

So maybe try with 4 Nightmare and 2 Dominion

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