Reflux Sorc Needs a Revamp!

Hey all, you friendly neighborhood Lost Ark enjoyer here to talk about, in my opinion, a much needed change to the Sorceress’ class engraving, Reflux.


Well to be honest, there isn’t a real “problem” with the engraving, which I know contradicts the title but please, hear me out! Currently, Reflux, in comparison to Igniter, offers its own unique playstyle which is great. For those of you that enjoy the fast paced, low cooldown, sustain damage playstyle of the engraving, I wouldn’t change a thing.

The main issue lies in how Reflux disables Arcane Rupture, now please don’t be mistaken, I am in no way suggesting that Arcane Rupture be usable with Reflux. How this creates a problem is with your Blink (Teleport) skill. With the current playstyle your only reason to generate Magick Meter is for Blink, but this ability rarely needs to be used. The only necessary usage for Blink is to close or create distance between you and the boss but you can easily do this with your Dash. You could argue its also to reposition and or to dodge mechanics but Sorc doesn’t use back or front attacks so you’d only reposition at your own discretion and as for dodging boss mechanics, all it takes is learning the fight/encounter to know when and where to stand. So as it stands you have an ability that rarely see’s usage and the only real reason you’d use it is “if you want to”.


My Solution is pretty simple and wouldn’t take away anything from the class engraving fantasy, in fact I’d argue I’m about to enhance it, but you be the judge. I think Reflux should add more utility to Blink, for example when you use Blink you reduce your remaining cooldowns by 2/3/5%, depending on level. Or to really mix things up I think it would be really awesome and would be incredibly satisfying if Reflux added a melee range, aoe, explosion after you Blink, this also wouldn’t be too hard to code as Berserkers engraving, Mayhem, already does something similar to this. This alone would not only greatly enhance the playstyle but also, add some higher skill ceiling to the build, and would also make the engraving competitive with Igniter.

I really wanted to go in further detail about how I think these changes could work and they would improve the class but this post is already way too long so please feel free to ask questions or continue the discussion in the comments. I really hope you enjoyed the read!

TLDR: Blink needs more utility or needs to add more to the gameplay loop of Reflux’s playstyle.

EDIT: I realize all of this will probably lead to nothing but its still fun to theorize improvements for classes.


So you said that you very rarely use blink and then that you want it to give 2% cd… Like you will never notice the change.

Blink has super armor which makes it useful in a pinch. I’m 1385 and have been for weeks with over 800 bound GHR, all the tradeable the last month fed to alts. I’m 3332 and Reflux is in the spot SG wants it in, less powerful than Igniter and comparable to other DPS classes. I would take a buff but in reality I am just rerolling it to Igniter when Valtan is out. I’m a little sour how Reflux peaks out early being new to the game when I rolled Sorc as my second character and my main while waiting for Glavier. Compared to Igniter, Reflux is weak. I dont see that changing.

Well… this would indeed create a reason to utilize it more often. But given that reflux is in pretty good spot, doubt they will touch it for now

Well… It’s also a bad change. You don’t want to use your blink. If you have max bar, that’s great. It’s your “save” skill so if you don’t use it means you are doing a good job. So buffing it by giving it utility is counterintuitive - I don’t want to use the skill but the game says I should use it because it gives me a small buff.

So u have dash and up to 3 blinks which gives u a Really Really high mobility compared to other classes and u feel it still lacks something? ok if they give her some sort of buff to this blink how would u balance than in pvp? Not only it has 2 different types of super armour ( Paralyse and Push ) which makes it kinda strong dash but also u can dash up to 15 meters in the game. It’s rather a skill to use in pinch rather than boost your dps [ don’t forget each time u use your blink u’re locked in animation → can’t cast spells during that time ]

Also reflux itself provides dmg and CDR

Yea, change it so Reflux sorc becomes a melee fighter instead so people like OP have more reason to use Blink. Problem solved.

i understand the request for blink to be more “meaningful” as its the only use of identity for reflux but in my opinion this creates a problem:

as soon as you bind dmg-based utility to any non-dmg skill, it becomes a necessary part of your dmg rotation if you want to play optimally and therefore defeats the initial purpose.

i’ll give you an example from berserker:
“Chain Sword” is our counter-skill BUT it also has 2 tripods that increase your crit by 15% for 3s and your attack-speed by 20% for 3s (without tripod-gear).
so those 2 tripods are pretty damn good and you would be a fool not to take them to optimize dps.
but what happens now? you have a skill that gives you a mini-burst-window for 1-2 of your other abilities on a ~6s cooldown so you WANT to use it on cooldown as much as possible and therefore hardly ever have it ready as a counter unless you decide to skip the dmg-increase and use it as a counter.

yes its a decision you have to make but its generally not a good or fun gameplay choice…

thats why most (or all) counter-attacks have pretty low dmg (less incentive to use them for dmg and keep them for counters) AND why most classes seem to get a 2nd counter-skill with an upcoming balancing-patch.

reflux sure could use some “spice” but binding it to blink is imo NOT the way to go.

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I think this solution will be to op tho, blink is a super good ability as is…


Interesting Idea but I have to say while compared to igniter reflux is weaker but compared to other classes still pretty op. What I would do is add a movement or attackspeed buff for a few sec after blink that would be funny

I don’t find the Reflux a lot weaker then igniter. With so much fast moving bosses, insta cast reflux feels better because can dps the boss all the time, even when she is running from some mech. Yes the number you see are a lot smaller but a lot more sustained.

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I agree with reflux a lot weaker then igniter but i like my reflux sorc :slight_smile: , I think adding a counter to blink would be awesome :smiley: imagine dashing a boss face to counter

Igniter have less mobility, higher cd and if the boss dodge ur skill u will cry.
Reflux gets over all these problems.
I compare reflux as a gatling gun and igniter as a bazooka, they have different playstile, different dps windows, and each one do some things better than the other.
this on paper, what changes is the fact that you are locking the uniqueness of the class on my opinion.
Reflux sorc can blink if ur in troumble, igniter sorc cannot blink even if u can press the button ur loosing dps.

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As a reflux sorc, I know I use blink as it gives super armor and also to ani cancel certain skills. Both defensively and offensive, for example, ani cancelling rime arrow after casting it let’s you get on and cast something else. To be fair, I play a casting reflux and not an instant cast reflux.

doesn’t blink have push and debuff immunity? I use it all the time for push immunity. also the distance traveled is pretty long and you can use it up to three times in a row.

I play insta + doom

Blink is an awesome skill often overlooked, underused, not only it’s got super armor, push and debuff immunity, it also can GO THROUGH the boss body. When I see the boss about to heading my direction (not the blue charge/counter move) , a blink straight through him, now I am behind him at the spot he start his movement, boss take time turning around, melee don’t need to chase him.

For reflux that use adrenaline, a blink also can refresh the buff timer.

Reflux instant cast build has no CD problems, if they change the bar to give u any sort of buff it would become OP.

Blink keeps your adrenaline stacks, it’s enough for me

One of the strongest class, make it stronger, sure…