Reflux sorcerer stat?

currently i have 1450 crit ( 51% crit)
450 swiftness

with argos 15% crit
adrenaline 15% crit
precise dagger 20% crit

thats total 101% crit

i wonder if should swap one of my accesory to swiftness, so 90% crit total but faster cd / movespeed

are 100% crit overkill?

Yes totally overkill. imo 65% with any 10% crit synergy from party is perfectly fine. I don’t know a lot about this game yet but by the number alone 75% seem ok, might be 80% if you really like it, but 90+ seem overkill.

I would switch Precision Dagger to Grudge.

This is why you should of crafted the crit damage argos gear as opposed to the crit gear.

no class should really get over 60% base crit

over 60% you waste a lot of 10% and 18% crit synergies

yes, if you’re instant cast remove precise dagger for a dmg engraving like hit master/cursed doll/grudge. or if you have one of those already and are running raw dmg tripods (magick amp) over final strike, then KBW is an excellent choice as well

if you’re a casting reflux, you may want to opt for removing adrenaline instead due to higher cds and lesser APM.

Hit master is better then precise dagger and take grudge.

Never use precise dAGGER on reflux. Literally giving yourself negative dps.

i allready take hitmaster

my engraving was:


i guess i swap precise for heavy armor? since i dont have money to buy 1k adrenaline grudge stone lol

i am using reflux, grudge and hit master. You can check hit master/grudge stones, at least in my server they were on reasonal price. As 4th engraving you can take cursed doll as well to max your damage.