Reflux Sorceress build question

I am working on turning my Reflux sorceress to 5x3

I am using Maxroll. However, I do have a question on the engraving it asking:

All Out Attack
Precise Dagger - can be reaplce with Curse Doll

I won’t be using Prcese Dagger since I can go up to 70+ Crit with Adrenaline.
Crit - Swiftness

I am just wondering why Curse Doll? Is Hit Master not okay? Is there a reason why I cannot replace Precise Dagger with Hit Master? Does it have to be CD?

I am using Final Strike. Will I get even more damage if I use Keen Blunt Weapon rather than CD or HM?

Test for yourself in Trixion but yes the “end game” Korea is that cursed doll will give you the largest dps boost however it comes with a negative too which is why most either just run grudge and hit master or keen blunt. I personally took hit master over cursed doll as well.

first of all if you use final strike you already have alot of crit damage on your spells which makes other sources of crit damage (like keen blunt) less effective than they are to start with, diminishing returns basically and although i have not done the math i am very positive it wont be able to outperform either cursed doll or hitmaster in your setup with final strike

other than that you can definitely run hit master since all your relevant spells do not have positionals, the benefit of cursed doll is that it buffs your awakening damage too which hit master does not, but it also gives you the heal reduction so i would generally prefer hit master over cursed doll in your case, besides that cursed doll loses effectiveness on its attack power buff if used with adrenaline since adrenaline also gives atk power and they stack additively so on normal spells your damage gain with hit master would actually be bigger than cursed doll in this build

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I have no idea there was a forum post about hit master vs curse doll. I did the reading there as well.

I am going with hit master:)

Thank you all. Now I know more about how multiplication and addition engravings works.

Hi if you playing cast reflux you want go for

cursed doll
all out attack with this build i have 60% crit rate from crit stat other neck swiftness

Iam using final strike tripods…

You can also go with
cursed doll
hitmaster and u sing tripods for igniter instead of final strike(dont know name :smiley: ) Both builds have similiar damage

You dont want precise dagger or adrenaline or you are pepega…You should never accept a casting reflux with those 2 eng…

Oh, why is adrenaline no good for cast? I have 4x right now and using adrenaline. I am able to maintain it without any issues.

In maxroll, adrenaline is one of the engraving; hence, I never really question it. Losing out on 15% crt if adrenaline is not uses…6% damage as well

Becouse if you want run cast reflux your main stat is crit …On maxroll is i guess swiftness… But people running swiftness with different spells for instacast.
Just try it in trixion. Set you need is nightmare.

If you run full crit with good quality you have 60% critrate from stat… Than you looking for synergys…Gunslinger/deadeye/arcanist for 10% constant critrate or some glaivier/wardencer/striker

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And also if you have LOS 18 card set use this over crit cardset

you want ~80% crit rate for final strike tripods, adrenaline is not bad

I was now in trixion and i achieve -300k dps with adrenaline instead of cursed doll… with adrenaline crit rate was 74% with cursed doll 59%

well first of all, final strike tripods adren lvl 3, vs cursed doll lvl 3 on the big spells with final strike tripods, base 60% crit chance:
ordered like this dmg adren / dmg cursed doll

meteor: 3.286 / 3.109
explosion: 3.103 / 2.949
punishing strike: 3.286 / 3.109
esoteric reaction: 2.769 / 2.656
frosts call: 3.024 / 2.879

for any spell that doesnt have final strike:
1.855 / 1.856

if he wants to use final strike tripods he will 100% deal more damage with adrenaline over cursed doll, with using the other tripods over final strike i am sure you can hit equal or higher damage by running cursed doll over adrenaline, also trixion tests arent descriptive if you dont record them or at least do tests of a high sample size since the crit rate you will actually have during the run doesnt reflect the damage potential of the build if you get outliers

for instance when i did a trixion test just now with the final strike build with adren i got 3.98m dps and with cursed doll replacement i got 3.57m, after putting in magick amp tripods over final strike (or their equivalent like enhanced strike on eso / frosts call) with cursed doll build i got 3.69m dps, stats were 1700 crit, 540 swift, everything else base from what i have from potions / books, LoS cards, nightmare set

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No he wil not doing more damage… Stop be like pepega. More crit rate less damage…with adrenaline you are overcrited imagine party synergy…For what you need 85 crit with party syn or 93% crit with party syn? Oh one white meteor is end of the world?

Play adrenaline if you want …If you like big numbers play cursed doll… Play whatever you want … I dont accept adrenaline or precise dagger reflux in party becouse those guys have no idea what they do…

adrenaline is literally still stronger than cursed doll even with perma 10% crit synergy (85% crit rate equivalent) when using final strike tripods, both by math as well as in a repeated trixion test, you are coming up with random results that you cannot back

just check loawa for kr reflux sorcs, they all use adrenaline and alot of them even on lvl 3, putting something like hitmaster on lvl 2 in the 5x3+2, you think they also have no idea what they are doing?

I did not do any math or testing or anything, but been searching and reading here and reddit.

It does seem player recommend adrenaline over CD.

Mostly, player state that, how multiplication and addition modifier works. Grudge, Hit master, all our attacks, all gives out multiplication and that ups the 6% in adrenaline + my damage by a lot. Having CD doesn’t do much at all. CD become pointless.

Than player are talking about CD vs HM. Again, HM is better as well.

KB gives bad return since I am using final strike already. So, it is not ideal

I like the fact that I don’t need CD. Do not want the -20% healing

Any guide that recommend cursed doll on a reflux build needs to be trashed.

Critflux 5x3:

Keen Blunt Weapon
Hit Master

5x3 +2 (not accessible yet)

Hit Master
Keen Blunt Weapon
Raid Captain
Adrenaline x2

The reason for raid captain here is that you are going to have support aura for 10% movement speed + 15% from Nightmare set and roughly 10% from swiftness. It will give you about 16% damage increase.

Keep in mind that with this build, you do not go for final strike tripods. You are better off with the other option.

If you are going for Swiftflux

Mass increase/hit master (almost equal)
Raid captain

Raid Captain
Mass Increase
Hit Master
Adrenaline +2

There’s just no room for cursed doll in any Reflux build outside of cast reflux which shouldn’t even be considered once you get relic sets.


Joke players like alway to have 100% critrate play what you want .Yeah you can add 2x adreanline becouse the is nothing to add with 9/7 stone and 12 books x2 and ancient acc