Refreshing take on nerf debate :D

Sup yall, english is not my mother language since iam a toxic german LoL kid according to ingame chat so pls roast me for misspelling something so i can learn.
to make it clear iam highly against nerfing the difficulty directly via HP nerfs. But in this thread iam acting like there is a difficutly problem according to AGS even tho thats utter bullshit.
nerfing the HP flat by 50% would incourage/reward the players for playing bad, not use their potions ( which is a problem right now already since 70% of the people are willingly griefing the party by trying to go cheap on others in Matchmaking and should be reportable and banned immidatly in my oppinion. ) Since that piss easy boss will die anyways.
Why are we not getting this instead ? :

Which would give us room to do LESS missplays, more indication about the fight, more indication of where i can attack from to back attack or counter attack the boss which would lead to more party dps/quicker Guardian kills. In summory we would make the content easier/faster to clear by giving the players the opporunity to playe better rather than nerfing the flat HP and giving the player more opportunity to make mistakes. Same result, better way to accomplish it.
Kind regards, one of ur top 0,5% toxic players


good take bro

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Let me see if I’m getting the general idea you’re putting down here; are you saying instead of just lowering bosses health so that they are easier to kill, to instead implement more visual cues and telegraphs, like the front and back attack area indicators, so that the content becomes naturally easier due to the amount of information you have access to?

Give us a map, instead of a ride?

Yes, and i cut my tongue on ur sharp london

then whats the point of these skills if they give us a clear indication to dodge it? might as well make the boss do auto attacks only instead of using any skills or mechanics

That’s actually a really solid take for sure.

Is your tongue okay?

I think the main thing is that after beta feedback a change was made to increase HP. I don’t think any of this was “proved”, as the only links to change logs indicate “balance changes”. But, here’s where the community hive mind is stuck: there was a 50% HP buff for early end-game - presumably T1/T2.

The “reduce health by 50%” also sounds like pure crap to me. If anything, they would be reverting the previous 50% buff, which would actually be a 33% reduction from current. Is this just like the beta change where no one actually knows anything? Is everyone just talking out their ass?

The “training wheels” could go away in T3 content. Just an idea.

The point of the skills is still to kill you if you mess up. Things are already telegraphed in a big way in this game, a little extra hints to some of the finer mechanics wouldn’t be a bad thing at all, visually that is. There’s a lot going on on the screen, and it’s hard to know what to pay attention to. Harder to learn, if you can’t ever figure it out.
It’s totally fine to make things easier for players to grasp - the vast supermajority of people playing this or any game are not the pro-gamers who don’t need any help because they’ve memorized everything and have their rotation minmaxed down to the very millisecond or whatever. The majority of people are just trying to have fun and kill monsters. Teaching mechanics and content as it’s played is fine.

If you already grasp it, then they don’t matter.
If you don’t, they help.

I mean i can only speak for myself, iam countering ~80-90% off the counter windows. I mean there is no much competition since no one else does it anyways… but having this indicator I could increase that number while having more uptime on the back = faster/easier kill but I still would need to do all mechanics and know what iam doing rather than pressing all my buttons, die 3 times and dont care since the low tier guardian will die anyways before i die the 4th time.

or you can just ask them to add the boss and their mechanics into training / testing area in Trixion so u can go there and learn the mechanics instead ?

watching youtube guides / video is already more than enough to give u a general idea what you should be doing, all thats left is to applies of what u watched to what u do

the indicator i posted doesnt indicate any boss mechanic. it would help people to have an easier time whit basic combat mechanic like back attacks/counters/positoning etc. so they can focus more on doing the boss mechanic other than using their full capacity to controll their character.
For me the more indication/controll the better because the better that is, the harder u can design the content at top end.

That is not true.

Yes everyone is genuinely talking out of their ass with this random buff

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