Refund due to Error 10010

Hi Team,

I have been affected by error 10010 while I do not use VPN and live in the supported server region (Chicago, IL)

I hereby ask for ways to get my refund on every cent I spent on the game. If I paid for things in game, I should be able to access them correct?

Since that is not the case anymore, I want a refund on every real money purchase I’ve made within the game.

While paying customers cannot login, there are snapshots of bots still roaming the game and making money… I pay money for botters to make money lol what a game this is


I share your pain and wish you luck. I am in the same position as you. There is no firm answer from this company. It’s quite frustrating

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any word on this would be nice… same position as you

We were collateral in the fight against bots, who returned in full force the very next day :clown_face:

yeah idk this sucks :frowning:

I unfortunately just bought another 30 day crystalline aura. Rip 10 bucks. I wouldnt be surprised if people start charging back, because if you cant play who cares if you get ACTUALLY banned lol.

Amazon ban you isp ip
But botter can change their ip.
So ban ip this way is wrong. but amzon think ban ip is good job…
Ban ip just hurt real player .

We take this for month and nothing change so amazon is useless with this thin we have new world 2.0

:smiling_face_with_tear: I am just so sad about this game’s decision in banning ips even for the normal players.

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Unfortunately the refund policies for most stuff in this game are pretty solid. Odds of getting anything back without going through your bank are slim to none.

That said you definitely should NOT go through your bank if you value your steam account. They will lock your account if you chargeback anything and it can take YEARS to recover your account after something like this. Seriously cannot stress this enough if you value your steam account at all don’t even consider this.

Your best option would be to contact steam support and inform them of the circumstances. Just don’t hold your breath on ever seeing that money again.

@Roxx will this be addressed? or does this post not have enough attention from users yet?

Why are posts regarding error 10010 not being addressed by any CMs? While people voluntarily delete their characters are requesting for restoration, those posts/requests are immediately tackled?

Copy paste responses saying oh its against TOS to use VPN are hot garbage when users are literally saying they did NOT use VPN. I know users words should be taken with a grain of salt but they are currently being ignored purposefully and entirely. Which is the exact reason why I wrote this post regarding refunds.

because they cant do anything man, they dont tell them anything or give them the tools to fix anything, its plain as day. sorry about your situation, but I honestly wouldnt expect help here :frowning: