% Refund of Founder pack cost

The founder’s pack was sold as a number of items and a certain amount of head start time.

AGS has failed to deliver the full three days of head start time that has been paid for by under-resourcing the servers leading to players having to spend hours in the queue and performing extended downtime during the founder head start time. Both events have a financial cost to the customers, we did not get what we paid for.

AGS should reimburse the players who purchased the founders’ pack with either a cash refund or store credit equal to the percentage of time the players were not able to play during this period.


They don’t care, hence they won’t do anything like that


You realise it’s impossible right? Between people not able to play, people working, people doing something else and calculating this for every single player…
Be happy allready to have a “bonus pack” available… at least if you don’t switch server like me probably so you basically lost everything you allready spent…

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this is the most american post ive seen so far, in my country you get screwed by a company and you take it like a man and just ignore it, nobody gives a damn about you playing for one more day than everyone else


Instead of making ridiculous claims, you could contribute with something, ex. a guide for one character, something that you enjoyed in the game itself.
I think that could be more useful for all of us.

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Not American, in the UK, and having spent months living with the cock up of New World I’m just not willing to let them off the hook again.

I paid for a service, AGS is legally obliged to provide the digital goods they sold. Just in case you wish to know the specific area of the consumer rights act…

Digital content must be:

of satisfactory quality

fit for purpose, and

as described by the seller

If your digital content does not meet these criteria and develops a fault, you have the right to have your digital product repaired or replaced.

If any of you wish to let it slide, that’s up to you. You are allowed to have your own opinion, just like I am allowed to have mine. You are not obliged to like my opinion and I am not obliged to like yours. I will however respect your opinion and would appreciate the same from you.

As to AGS, they are obliged to follow the consumer rights act as it is not an opinion it is a legal requirement.


Isn’t Maintenance covered in contract? Did you read the Eula?

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You are wrong, the founder’s pack gives early access but it does not guarantee it, if people want to go to the most popular servers but at the same time more crowded it is their choice, I have played in the central europe server “Wei” these three days in a row and I have not had a queue even once in these three days.


This is the wording from the Amazon site.

  • Head Start access (3 days)
  • Founder’s Exclusive Pet
  • Founder’s Title
  • 30 days of Crystalline Aura benefits

Even if the EULA does state maintenance is not covered. It is not stated on the page where the item has been listed for sale, therefore it is not an out for AGS to use. They have to supply what they have sold or they have to refund.

The fact that you decided to go on to a low population server, the fact that you do not think the founders’ pack guarantees the full three days is your opinion and that is all it is an opinion.

Opinions are nice but they will fall to the letter of the law.


I don’t think that necessarily is true @oak.unity. The page for the founders pack advises that you are required to have the base game to utilize this pack. The pack is therefore a portion of the main product which does have on it’s page this:
The EULA contains multiple documents, one of which covers uptime of servers and access of servers in general. By launching the game for the first time you waived any claim against AGS. I understand the frustration of not being able to play right now, hopefully the servers will be up soon.

@Rangcom That is the Steam page. Not the Amazon page Amazon Listing.
So your information is 100% correct but it would only be relevant and enforceable for purchases on Steam.

The Amazon listing has the EULA listed on the page you sent me:

In case the image isn’t clear, it’s on the bottom left of the image

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Well then do you think your country is doing things right or USA doing things right when taking care of customer rights lol.

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I 100% missed that and would like to thank you for bringing it to my attention.

If you look at the following section of the EULA, 5.7 Disputes; Limitation of Liability.

These two statements are the ones that are pertaining to this discussion.

  • You may also be entitled to certain consumer protection rights under the laws of your local jurisdiction
  • The laws of some jurisdictions, including jurisdictions in the European Union, do not allow the limitation of liability described in this section for certain types of damages. If these laws apply to you, you may have additional rights.

It’s an interesting argument but it all depends on what is considered “sufficient”… AGS likely spooled up enough servers that they thought would cover the head start period. Then spooled up additional to allow for players to access the game on different server. The question is whether that is considered sufficient recourse.

AGS could also argue that the headstart was “an added bonus” as the packages cash value was exceeded with the other items in the pack ie. Pet, Skin, Premium time, etc…

One factually incorrect statement here and one very dubious one.

  • I care, so your statement that ‘nobody gives a damn’ is incorrect

  • You also stated “take it like a man”, this is either misogynistic if you think I am female or an attempt to suggest something about my sexuality if you think I am not female.

These two statements show a lack of understanding of basic mathematics as well as a potentially dangerous adherence to toxic masculinity that will not travel well.

Have you never played a game at release before? this has been very smooth imo.
and many of those games had a subscription base and nobody really demanded their time back.

Agreed it will make for an interesting discussion, they will not be able to give me the missing time back that I’ve paid for as they have several hundred F2P players waiting to get into the game.

They also cannot refuse to make some form of reparations for the lost time, but as someone pointed out above how much time each player has lost due to AGS not performing as expected is going to be expensive for them to work out and refund.

In all honesty, an appropriate goodwill gesture to the affected players would be the best option for AGS in my opinion, “Sorry we messed up, here is an extra day of premium to apologise” would repair a significant amount of the reputational damage to them.

who the fuck cares man. are you really suggesting this as a logical option? do you have no capability to understand what it would take and require to do this?

You missed out on a few hours of gameplay as if the game is only out for a week and as if you getting a ‘head start’ is going to matter at all? you think your PVE progress in a few days is important at all?

i hope this is a troll post because you are delusional to think any of this is a possibility or a legit reason for a ‘refund’ lmfao.

if you go to a live sports event and the game starts 30 minutes later are you going to go ask for a fucking refund for the 30 minutes you were delayed? go seek psychological help if this is how you deal with issues in your life or feel you are actually this entitled

do you have no capability to understand what it would take and require to do this?

Yes, I do. I’ve had to deal with similar situations of searching through TB of logs, was it fun? No, but it was my job so I did it. I also do not believe that what is required of AGS is my problem, my problem is I paid for a service and have not got said service.

you think your PVE progress in a few days is important at all?

Again, yes I do. I have limited time to play games due to work and family commitments. So PVE progression is important to me and probably several thousand other people who paid for that progression and wished to progress some more.

i hope this is a troll post because you are delusional to think any of this is a possibility or a legit reason for a ‘refund’ lmfao.

I suggest that you make yourself acquainted with the relevant laws that I have quoted, within my legal jurisdiction I have the right to get all digital goods I have paid for.

The live sporting event analogy is not relevant, it’s not digital goods. A closer analogy would be to purchase an album from Amazon music and only get the odd-numbered tracks, however, I’ll indulge you a little here.
If the delay at your fictional sporting event was caused by the event organiser and this led to additional costs to me, such as having to purchase a new train ticket, I would be within my rights to seek reimbursement from the event organiser for my losses.

feel you are actually this entitled

I am entitled to what I have paid for, I thought that point would have be very clear by now to anyone.

You do appear to be having issues understanding the basic concept being discussed here.