REFUND possible if it takes more hours?

Is there a way to refund the preorder? if it will be offline for more hours i kinda feel like getting this refunded.

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what is the point of a knee-jerk reaction of refunding, only to buy it again in a few weeks when everything is back to normal and everyone is raving at how good the game is?

cause the game itself is… very very good.

just calm your tits and have some patience


if i can send 100 bucks for a game, that has huge publisher, i cant expect server problems/overload and more technical problems. and its not that people just bought it, there are many people who bought it a half year ago… so we can all expect something. at least communication with the community like whats wrong or whats the ETA. ty for hearing me out.

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its public launch day… it’s GOING to be a shit-show… they all are.
now add to that it’s F2P = tripple quadruple the amount of problems that a paid game would have on launch day
add to that its amazon servers… NOTORIOUSLY bad at things like this…

it’s going to be a bad time while they get their shit together… it just is… there is no sugar coating it.

but the fact remains… the game is FANTASTIC and it well worth any and all these problems.
just be patient.


and yea, thats my way to show support, if i give huge support, i want huge support back. and yes i would buy it again, or download it then, cause the release isnt 100 bucks worth like its performing on 08.02. and today. thats my opinion. its not a solution.

the game is OK, nothing groundbreaking lol.

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never said something against the game, but the launch/servers on 08.02. , the performance and the communication isnt worth 100 bucks tbh. my opinion. again, i dont hate the game, i hate the ‘‘technical difficultees’’ that should be worked on and thought about before launching it.

Just OK? How much have you played?

is it “the BEST THING EVER!!!1111”? of course not…
but it’s fun, it feels good to play, it runs well, the story is engaging, it does things very very well

fetch quests = 1 thing not, 30 things
free respecs, with very cool spec mechanics
free tons of bag space from the getgo (not paywalled)
free mount (not paywalled)
Upgradeable gear
excellent group support and playability

it’s one of the better MMO’s out there right now, and EASILY worth this small launch hassle to play.

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40 hours since 08.02

Flop, disaster amiguinhos do utube

i have a level 46 char

it didnt really launch tho. They messed up the game before launch implementing a hot fix.

Are you joking me?

This is a failure, for sure, but what exactly would they be refunding? The money you spent was for the last 3 days. In the last 3 days, everything has been incredibly stable! They only destroyed it 4 hours before launch. hahaha

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im with you, but i though for 100bucks founder packs, i can expect a better launch. i still will play the game, but i would like to exchange the founderspack against the bronze version. cause the launch is worth 15 bucks, for me. still cant hate me for my opinion :slight_smile:

This is patently false. Software releases are difficult at the best of times. Huge software launches like this one can and will undergo issues. Bug free systems do not really exist.

Now take into account the history of every MMO ever, or even most online games, and your statement seems to be extraordinarily ill-informed.

I played all 3 of the early access days and it was stable as a rock, and played and everything worked flawlessly.

u wanna tell me the 100 bucks are for 3 days ? lul thats pretty much for a game that should be working now. do u understand me ? i think i supported the launch too with the 100 bucks, so like maybe 1 buck goes into servers or sth. like this :wink: i donate to someone if hes doing a good job. if the job gets worse after, i feel like kinda scammed :wink: u get me ?

or do u buy a car, but the tires are damaged 3 days later or the engine, and u say : maaan thats not a problem, things happen, im glad u took my money and are using this money to solve the problem. kappa