Refund post launch - How?

I brought the game as a preorder a while ago thinking that a new triple A MMORPG would have servers in the oceanic region and realized there are no servers and its got high ping which makes any end game scene just bad.

How can i get a refund for this purchase?

Hi @FrostyItch

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I’m so sorry for the issue you are having with the game and you are no able to play since there is not oceanic servers.

I like to tell you that you can contact through live channel in other to present you case and verify if they can help you with it.

Contact us

Hope this information help you :wolf:

It was purchased on steam and steam dont allow refunds. Its kind of annoying because i brought this game because the devs said in a forum post that australian servers are coming later in the year, then you post like 4-5 days ago on twitter and i missed it that you have no plans for australian servers.

What a waste of money, very frustrated.