Refusing to use Battle Items

After all these Guardian Raids finally got my 1680 Roster xp.

So now you’ll use items constantly to let other folks get that too, right?

Now get to work on this


fun fact :stuck_out_tongue:
do you know that in RU items used by raid members are written in the chat ?

(no one can cheat his way without using stagger and weak point bombs)

If you have a dozen of chars running valtan and vykas you would definitely save those battle items. No point throwing a whirlwind bo.b on a guardian raid stagger check

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Lets be fair, i am playing a sup main. Most of the guardians i dont need any Battle items besides flair and phero.

I am more worried about it that this achievement take so long xD

well you can run with 1490+ item level 200x times the 302 (or was it 320 item level?) guardian raid. lol. it doesnt say which raids you did

Is there a proof of that like a picture or vid?

am not logged in rn , but am sure you can search in Youtube for a Valtan video (in RU) and look at the chat at the start of gate 2