Regarding a friends ban situation

I’m posting on behalf of a friend who was banned about 5 days ago, and has been unable to reach a real person in his appeals, while I’m not blaming the ban system or anything here his situation is a bit odd. (The main character in his roster is named Startalea on NA-East Azena server.)

He was originally perma-banned when he was just doing his una’s tasks dailies, not really something that would be considered cheating but sure, it may be something else in the past? Not really questioning the ban here. He goes to appeal and is successful, he gets a response from a real person stating that his perma-ban would be reduced to one day, and that he would be unbanned the following day 24 hours later, everything’s fine now right?

Well he goes on to login at the stated time of his unban, October 31st, at 01:12 IST, while his perma-ban is now gone he’s now EAC banned or something and when contacting support of that, they mention that it could take up to 24-48hours for that ban to go away, sure whatever what’s waiting one more day gonna do. He waits 24 hours from his originally intended unban date, attempts to log-in thinking he’s finally free, but immediately is met with another perma-ban BEFORE even being able to play the game or login to any character. Now this time, I really think there’s nothing that could’ve caused the ban… he literally wasn’t even able to login to the game or play in any way since the ban had been lifted, his character has not logged in at all.

He goes on to appeal again thinking it was an error on AGS side and that the ban was undeserved, but this time is met with an automated bot response stating that there’s a previous offence on his account so he won’t be forgiven. The previous offence could only possibly be the ban he had just received 2 days prior before even being given the chance to play, and that ban itself is questionable since it was never stated what he had done wrong.

I’m just wondering if there’s anyway he could get in-touch with someone real to review his case, it should be easy to see that he had immediately been banned for the second time when he should’ve just been un-banned at that time instead, so far he’s only been met with automated bot responses.

Hey there @HarMeEtPiE, Welcome to the Lost Ark forums.

I understand your friend is having a situation with their account being suspended. However, none of us via forums nor chat support are able to discuss suspended account status or appeals.

I recommend your friend submit an appeal ticket and include anything that can work as evidence, the more the better. Even though the response might look automated, Every appeal and suspended account is reviewed by a human being from that dedicated team, and unfortunately they can’t be reached out via phone or chat.

If there’s anything else I can do to help let me know, Stay safe both you and your friend!

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