Regarding: Amazon Games & Smilegate RPG Message

Its was great to read this, and see you do listen to a lot of the feedback.
I just have a question, these events are they gonna keep coming and going, or is it just now to make players way to t3 faster?
Because for me personal im not playing the class I want yet wich is summoner, and when we get that ill have to start a new account to make a new main class, so the things you add now I will as “new” player not benefit from later on.
I know a lot players wanted a class wich is not in the game, but i doubt all wanna start over as I do. But I believe some might do the same. Im in the early t3, and dont do anything to get higher tier when I know ill just delete the account later.
Im very interested in what order the classes will be released.

Some will maybe say I can just make summoner as an alt, I have tryed make an alt, and realized, that most of the materials I have are character bound, I have 1000+ materials just to throw out the window wich cant be used for anything. And I dont see how you can feed an alt or main when the materials you get is bound. If all materials were roster bound I wouldnt make a new account but the simple case is, its easyer to make a main on a fresh account with all the island materials.

The sum of this is, the boost to materials we get now will they keep coming or will I just end up in same situation as now being out of materials all the time when new classes release?

so why dont you just collect stuff, farm gold and just buy all the mats instead?

but sure if you want to make a new account go ahead lol

in KR you can buy a powerpass straight to T3 just to give you an idea on how fast it is to catch up

I could buy if prices wasnt over the roof like they are in the game. lIke 10g for 1 harmony shard.

Why in the world would you make a new account?

I read your post it just doesn’t make sense.

For the love of god, don’t make a new account. Farm mats, buy your weekly mats, you can even keep an alt on t1 just to farm mats. And you will lose out on Stronghold buff.

T1 mats are dirt cheap now, so there is really no point making a new account, you have to start all over again. Once summoner comes, you also get a free boost to 50.

You buy mats in different ways yes, but they bind to you when buying them wich means I cant farm mats to another character unless its materials from auctionhouse. I think 10g for 1 harmony shard is expensive, if you need 100´s of those thats a lot gold. On top of that the silver cost on honoring, im low on silver all the time.
You cant even farm chaos dungeon to feed a character only the items you can use on vendor are roster bound. Thats why I think making a new is better for a new main. And I dont mind doing all again since I have done all islands now, and only have the daylie things to do, so it will give me more playtime in the game starting over. The fun part for me was the leveling and islands, and so on.