Regarding bots and goldsellers

I’ve played on RU for couple of months before our version released. Sadly I must say that I’ve never seen such a numbers of Bots and Goldsellers’ spam. This is getting out of hand.
Recently I’ve been leveling my alts through t1-t2 content and I couldn’t believe my own eyes. Those bots and goldsellers are EVERYWHERE! Main story route - check. Gathering materials (fishing, mining, herbalism etc.) - check. Questing in towns - check.
They are faster on their feer than me on my mount. They teleport. They run through obstacles.

Maybe I’m not knowledgable enough but if they teleport and speedrun - doesn’t that mean they have to make changes in files on the server side?
Usually in MMO-s if the bots are teleporing and speedhacking, they are easily targeted with the bans, never making it too far in the game. Here i see them in lvl50 zones, in the seas, on other continents, meaning they live for quite a while before they get banned.

I know this must have been difficult for the Amazon Studios to deal with them but come on, we need something to be done to prevent this.

I am trying to report most of them but

  1. It is getting really tedious and I have the feeling that nothing changes - I see more bots than players running around (not talking about Punika though, at least t3 is too difficult for them to reach before the ban happens - for now I feel);
  2. 100 slots for blocked players is simply not even close to enough. We need the restriction to be lifted so we can block them all.
    Their presence everywhere is really making this game harder for me to enjoy. They overtook most of the market already.

What’s the plan regarding this? I really want this game to succeed as I’ve waiting few years for it to be released for us but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better with all this.

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I added a bot I’ve seen 3 weeks ago to see if he was going to get ban at some point.

Answer : Nope, still connected 24h/24h :slight_smile:

what server is that if you don’t mind me asking? I’m playing on EU Central - Wei.