Regarding busses gold transfer across servers

Alright thanks for the answers, i’m glad i asked before acting so as not to take risks.
Have a nice day everyone!

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I am basing this statement on kr and also it is a direct quote from saintone… so right now atleast it should be fine even if against tos…

You are in the support section of the official forums. I would not recommend anything that is against the TOS here :slightly_smiling_face:

You actually are not allowed to have more than one account either. This can cause you to be banned if found.

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Just do it with gems like everyone else

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Yes, unfortunately this is not the intended use for the Auction House as my previous post that was shared says, so this could cause you to be banned.

You should not transfer across servers, and you should not have more than one account. You can have as many characters as you’d like to create, and you can play in more than one server, but any other options are not allowed.

Sorry i was refering to roster not account… i think thats what he ment in the post also… setting up characters on different servers is alowed atleast? But not having those rosters interacting?

The problem with posting gem for payer to buy and xfer you gold this way is that it looks exactly like an RMT transaction (e.g. RMT bot farmer buying gem at higher than market price from player who posts it)

This means one of two things -

  • smilezon doesn’t care and isn’t really filtering for RMT botters, because one simple way to database search en masse would be to assign rough market value range for every gem type and level, and any transactions that fall far outside that normal range flagged for review

  • smilezon does care and is trying to fight RMT botters best they can, but now with many players selling bus services with payment made exactly like an RMT gem purchase to xfer gold to buyer, they lose one of their best tools to find and ban both botters and RMT buyers (because now both legit and non legit gem sales look exactly the same)

So my question is - devs have said clearly that selling bus service is totally fine. But what about payment method? Is conducting gem sale / purchase via AH to xfer gold condoned and allowed?

@Azanaa @Roxx - would really like confirmation before either purchasing or selling bus service, because as noted above - gem sales for bus service payment looks from system log point of view, identical to RMT gold selling / buying


Ags has stated in the past that busses are alowed… so if you want to take advantage from gold on one roster to another the only way that is not against tos is buying account wide stuff in the store, like crystaline aura for example…

just use auction house, they don’t monitor it and don’t care anyway
it’s been months that these kind of transaction is in the auction house, and it keeps on going till now

and so on…

I know they’ve been ignoring it. But past behavior doesn’t mean can’t change in future.

So I’d like confirmation now before I ever do a bus service sale or purchase that AH gem sale for gold xfer won’t be cause for future ban because from log pov, it looks identical to RMT gem sale

E.g. if two months from now smilezon finally wakes up and realizes bots are killing their golden goose, and they start banning both botters AND RMT buyers, it would suck for all bus service buyers and sellers bc bus service payments look similar (not price range bc gold price much smaller but point is could be caught in automated log sweep

Moving gold to your own account via AH is not allowed but I don’t think there is any issue with accepting payment via AH transactions from other players.

Just keep in mind that some people are actually scamming bussers that are trying to do this. They figure out what gem is being sold for how much and make a similar listing in the hope that they can intercept payments.

For the purpose of people looking into this in the future I never recommend anyone do anything that is against the TOS. Just because something isn’t being enforced currently does not mean that it wont be in the future or even retroactively based on purchase history in this case. Most players who have invested massive amounts of time and energy do not want to risk their accounts no matter how small that risk may be.

then explain me why RMT use AH for months and not get banned even my group report for months with proof on CS? and now when we expose him on 4rum etc he alr changed name + remove all friend to stay hidden and cheating with boting chaos + rmt , thanks to u

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‘‘You actually are not allowed to have more than one account either…’’ @Azanaa @Roxx

Since the beginning of the game, many people have been playing with more than one account.
You have not made any sanctions/warnings until now.
How many accounts have interacted with each other and these accounts have reached very high levels.

The best punishment to be given to them is that they do not play Vkas.

Lol so you want to pay 5% tax twice? I don’t understand why you would take an extra step to do something so simple. Also this no multi account bs is a korean rule that shouldn’t be enforced in other region. Multi account in korea is illegal as you need to use someone elses national ID to play which is fraud. But over here in the other regions, you can make multiple steam accounts on 1 email address. If they really want to enforce this, they should have made their own login system and not rely on steam.

Like we know you can bus but the main concern is like what if you get paid via mail and eventually get flagged as a gold bot/RMT?

How do you even prove that you did nothing wrong? The ban appeal system is one of the worst I’ve seen so RIP if you get flagged.

“If found”… you cant found 600k bots and bots displaying AD in towns and lobbys figure a second account from a guy.

I really disagree with this decision.
If people have the time to manage and play multiple accounts, why not?

Either way, thank you for providing the official stance on this so everyone is clear what they’re risking by having multiple accounts.

have you actually read the ToS? It IS against ToS to have multiple accounts.

If you keep reading i explain that i was accualy talking about rosters, and i asume the original post was about that too, he just refered to roster as accounts… as did i… there is no need for multiple accounts to do what he was asking about…