Regarding Caliligos orbs

Please stop popping the shield orbs before the mech!

If the guardian is up against the wall and the shield orbs appear on top of him while he’s doing the mech, its understandable that those orbs get popped by accident by stray bombs/skills, etc. That’s fine. You can also pop them after everyone gets the buff, that’s also fine.

But please - for the love of regulus, stop popping the blue/yellow shield orbs like 5-10 seconds before the mech! The buffs last 30 seconds and completely block the buff you get from the WHITE orbs.

Even worse offenders are the people that pop the wrong orbs AFTER the mech, while the buff orbs are spawning…

Its happening so much that I feel like its borderline griefing at this point. For me, its even worse than cheapos back in turtle days. Like I’ve even developed a PTSD mechanism that I find myself subconciously moving at least 10 meters away and throw my destruction bomb/skills at max range away from people so I don’t get griefed by someone popping shield bubble on me during the mech.

Also I know there are going to be people in here that say the buffs are not important - yes that are. I know nobody wants to waste potions - it sets my support awakening cooldown to a flat 30 seconds if I use it while I have the buff. I can use heavenly tune nonstop and keep buffing you. Not to mention infinite uptime on other useful synergies like wardancer buffs/maelstrom, etc. while the buffs are active. Please. Stop making the guardian raid unnecessarily harder/longer by popping the wrong bubbles! Thank you.


think this a pet peeve
I dont know wtf those things do either still dont
but I see DPS pop em all the time

Calligos still a 4-5m raid, take it or leave it, AOE classes gunna AOE
Surge gunna surge regardless if bubble in way or not

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I like to pop them because they make a sound similar to bubble wrap.


it is a 4min everyday chore, nobody gives a damn about that… move on

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imagine GLs that every single attack is mid ranged aoe… LoL… close the topic, pointless

You are not alone, with buff raid end before 5min, without buff usually 6min+.

i just looked it up OP is right but, think he forgets that NA is overgeared for pretty much everything. So even a 50% Attack power buff is well we do a fuckton dmg with or without
OP prob wants 2-3m runs, best you’ll get are still 4-5m runs
Even streamers doing Carl do it in 4m so OP asking PUGs for too much

TLDR for them thats lazy to read
Hit the 5 orb and dont hit the 1 orb you gain couple seconds of buff that makes all ur cd halved so u get to spam more skills and do more dmg for MVP and slightly do more dmg

My SH’s S skill has 6-7s cd and do 30m+ instead of doing 25-26m every 18s

As a Igniter sorc that buff combined with our identity allows for 3 doomsdays, 3 explosions, and 3 punishing strikes all at increased damage. I’ve had bursts of well over 500m just in that 10 seconds.

It really makes the fight like Kung if people hit the mechanics.


Its literally the same as break his armor = more dmg lol people just havent get the hang of that mech yet, only diference is that break armor once and its stay broken for p2 + 3 while the orb buff lingers for 15s only

Sounds like a matchmaking issue.

The small blue/yellow orbs apply a shield on everyone in an area which makes you immune to the shock debuffs that some attacks apply and the white orb buffs.

The white orbs give a small bleed and 10% Attack damage and 10% cd reduction per stack so 5 stacks is 50% attack damage and CDR. It’s a huge buff and super fun to use as a dps. If someone kills the blue/yellow orbs either before or after the buff it removes it

After is safe, before is not.

Not having the boss jammed into a side or narrow passage helps a lot with not accidentially killing those orbs.

Caliligos has mechs??

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This thread is hillarious

" haha who cares about some mechs, do they even do anything ? "

and same people complain how hard and annoying that boss is.


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too many people in this game treating it like a job or you must do it this way

look its a fucking game
and game has too many BS mechs that most gamers ignore.
Dodge the shit that kills you
Ignore 90% of all these boss fight mechs because they dont kill you

Ex: Clown G3

DPS boss, stand near flame or the stupid AOE ball thingy
Dont fuck up mario 1,2
After showtime do Nine Awakening Dark bomb pew pew
Skip Mario 4
After everyone 1560 skip 3, 4

Bingo hopefully someone pings the end, lazy yes
Is that how most play bet your ass yes

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