Regarding class specific achievements

As an achievement hunter I always love to work towards that magic 100%. There are some tough achievements in this game and that is fine. I will work hard and over time I will get them. What is bothering me is that certain achievements are class specific. Not subclass specific, but CLASS specific. This means that in order to obtain these achievements I would need to have every class that is currently in the game at around level 50 to start working towards these achievements. To get these achievements you need to dedicate a considerable amount of time into said character, so deleting it - while it is possible - would feel terrible, because I would be deleting 10+ hours of my time.

The problem is that we ‘only’ have 12 character slots and I believe we have 15 classes. In time this will only get worse, because as more classes will be released we might still only have 12 slots and we will possibly never have the same amount of character slots as the amount of classes in the game.

For that reason I propose to turn the class specific achievements into subclass specific achievements so that it would be possible to get all achievements in the game without having to delete perfectly fine characters.

I hope my post will be read by a moderator and I wish you all a great day.