Regarding font size for 2k/4k monitors

I know this isn’t a priority or anything. But I was wondering if we were gonna get an option to change the Font Size specially for damage numbers. They look ridiculously small (even when doing critical hits which are supposed to make them bigger) in 2k and 4k resolutions, would love an answer for this :slight_smile:


Not only font size (damage numbers are literally unreadable on big screens, but I read that’s a bug), but also font type. NA/EU is using a god awful-looking serif font for almost everything except chat. This seriously needs to go before launch. Use a sans serif font for the client, give us the same one as RU/KR, or let us change it in the settings.

See the differences between this abomination of a font and the one used in RU.


The font is locked bc of publishing rules. We cant use RU or JPN font.
And they already said font size wont change. The only font size that is changeable is the one in the chat window. Try ro reduce the resolution a bit, maybe that helps with readability.
I expect that something like 4k support will come later down the road but dont expect it in the first 6 months.

Sorry, what’s wrong with the font? It’s just fine for me.
Well, I’m not used to care about fonts so this could just be me.

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If they’re going to force 16:9 users to play letterbox then they need to add more HUD customization. 110% doesn’t cut it when the game is running in 720p on a 1080p monitor and your text is completely blurred.

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There is literally an unlimited amount of font styles available to use. Font during Beta was horrible and doesn’t fit a game UI, not just the size was the source of the problem.


I mentioned in another thread that this is also a matter of accessibility. Serif fonts can be problematic for people with vision, cognitive or reading disabilities. I’m not sure why the opted for this change.

If, as i’ve seen their Community Managers say, Amazon Games does take accessibility seriously, this is something very straight forward that is creating unnecessary barriers

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Yikes that it hard to read. And I already realized in playing for about an hour that I couldn’t play in the pvp letterbox size ever because all words became much too small. I do hope they do something about it eventually for those of us with not perfect vision.

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I play 1440p on a 32" 16:9 monitor, i didn’t have too much issue with font during beta and have no issue reading the screen grabs {without clicking to enlarge :stuck_out_tongue: ). I will admit tho, it does feel “lower res” then it should be almost as if its less defined and as someone that needs glasses to play i would LOVE an option to increase all font sizes ingame. <3

Will going to directx11 help the clarity of what we see on screen?

No. Just performance

Same problem. Damage font is really small. And for me seeing damage output numbers is a big part of the fun in such a game. I’m using a 1440p monitor.

The game needs waaay more interface customization in my opinion. So sight impaired people can set sizes, colors and so on to their liking.

some fonts are just choosen cheap… dats it.
And they kinda dont care for such an easy task.
idk whats wrong with amazon in changing so many unnecessary things literally nobody asked for, ye w/e, they rly like to be special i guess…

Isn’t amazon just the publisher and Smilegate is making the game? Anyways, I totally understand what you mean. This so called bug was present in the beta as well. And I have seen 1080p gameplay from korea where the damage numbers were just right and it was glorious. I wish we could have that too :frowning:

Sad that this is a thing in 2022.

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@Seawolf , @Roxx , @Shadow_Fox , please, give us the original fonts from KR/RU back, i know u have other problems right now, but pls look into it…
even if its a copyyright issue, atleast try to make it better…still love the game ofc <3

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I have to agree with you all! I play on a 21:9 monitor with 5160x2160 - the damage is nearly not visible :frowning: thats extremely dissapointing :sob:

So @Roxx @Seawolf @Shadow_Fox - as mentioned above, we KNOW that it has ZERO priority (in which case you ALL are doing a F***ING AMAZING job, at least in my eyes) but do you think it COULD be done in the future?

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This is my biggest complaint right now as well. Enjoying everything else though! :slight_smile:

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This is a huge source of pain for me right now

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