Regarding Guild Hopping

Hi Devs and CMs,

First time making a post, so apologies if this post is wrongly categorised or contains any glaring issues.I don’t browse the forums, nor most social media pertaining Lost Ark, but im currently unsure on how to provide my own feedback except through this medium.

Regardless, I think the timers for guild hopping are currently too long. For a fresh MMO, guild hopping is the norm, as players try to adjust / find the right community to be in. An example of this, can be seen in my own guild discord, where prospective members often have to wait 4 days, and in certain cases, 30 days to join the guild. This leaves creates two issues, primarily, players do not get access to guild activities in which bloodstones are the reward. Therefore, players will lose out on weekly bloodstone materials, which aid in honing and such. Secondly, this is often demoralising, as players have to wait, often in other forms of communication such as Discord, to interact with their prospective guild. The implications of this fact are obvious.

In proposing a solution, I think the devs should lower the timers to 24h, or remove them entirely. I dont quite understand the issue with guild hopping and i doubt many players do. If there is a glaring issue, however, I think it should be communicated why the timers are so long.

Again, im not sure if this has been addressed already, if it is, apologies for the reposting.