Regarding honing buffs

So are we Just letting ags Go through With the horrible decision of not adding 1460 honing buff? How are people supposed to get their alts Up to get Out the hell yoho Simulator we have been living in since the Last months. I wanna finally be able to properly Gear and Play my alts and enjoy Legion raids More than Just once a week. The Game is build around Them inuding alts though we get less Help going to reach Them than Other Regions? We are the latest Region and supposed to Catch Up faster.i cant think of a single reason against It besides milking whales as they already do. And yet people are still accepting that decision even tho its clear why they do It? Obviously this only affects people beyond 1460 but soon Most people will be at this Point wanting to get Up their alts aswell noticing that its Not worth With those honing Rates and the incredible amount of gold you need so It affects us all sooner or later. Also what about catchup mechanics? Neither the General honing buff Nor any noticeable catchup mechanics are yet implemented into the Game. At this Point Everyone should easily get their Main to 1415 atleast even With little Playtime or a new Player. I can Just Hope for the sake of the Game that With vykas we will get some crazy stuff including a big Express and More otherwise the gap will be even bigger.