Regarding missing crystals and aura

On Saturday i lost my crystalline aura and crystals that I bought. I’m losing allot of silver and progress and there is no official statement from the devs that they are working on it. I’m atleast excpecting a compensation for the days lost on the aura.

Afraid of my aura running out while not being able to use it i contacted the support and said that I wanted a refund. They told me that these items are “non refundable”. So I litteraly paid money for items that I’m not able to use. In my country this is a legal mather and its strongly regulated by the law.

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Hi @Pradox :dragon:

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, i inform you that we are aware of the issues with the Crystaline Aura and items, we are working as quick as we can to solve this issue.

Please check the following post about this specific topic:

Have a great day! :man_mage:

@Wonderer Sorry to bother you but can you please do anything about my issue? @My recent post

Yes, my crystal aura from Bronze Founder Pack isnt working for 2 days now on Neria server and my unclaimed items disapeared. Gold Founder Title is gone and all blue crystals (havent spent any).

ı have same issue my all blue crystal gone pls solve these problem

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