Regarding Missing Inventory Items

We was told that missing items regarding 2nd gold, plat packs etc and even the launch celebration pack would appear when the store/product inventory issue was sorted.

Its been weeks and still i dont have any of mine.

What is happening about all the MISSING items that WE have not received @Roxx

The most recent update to this is in the update that just went out: Lost Ark Update to Top Issues - March 2

Ongoing Store Issues and Missing Product Inventory Items
Store issues have drastically decreased with last week’s maintenances, but this is not yet fully resolved. We are still working on making improvements to these systems over time as we roll out additional patches and maintenance, and we understand that some players may still be having trouble collecting certain items and packs from their Product Inventories. We are still working to fix this on a broader scale, in the meantime players with any “missing” items may have success getting them to appear sooner by logging into their respective server during an off-peak hour.


Yes i have read that and logging in at any time they still dont show up on any server.

Which is why i made this post