Regarding potions and battle items

Considering the amount of battle items and pots I waste by trying to clear Valtan in HM, and apparently most people I know also experience the same, what people are going to do to sustain their battle items when everyone will be out of items ?

Will you spend hours and hours / days to farm herbs in order to craft them with your stronghold ? Plus they cost a lot to craft, and they take a loooot of time to be made aswell.

Imagine if they didn’t give us so much chests those weeks back to actually try Valtan now ?

Maris shop

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Yeah then the game will become even more P2W

How is it p2w to use battle items?



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Well I think with the gold to craft those potions (and time and mats), it is weiser to exchange for blue crystals and buy those potion chests in Mari shop for only 25 crystals / 5 chests…(if i remember it correctly) :crazy_face: they have been giving out lots of free chests as well but I still stack some from mari shop just in case.

Drastic times drastic measures. Don’t judge your neighbors for how they put bread in the oven

I’ve cleared Valtan HM every week and the only battle items I’ve used are about 5 green pots and 20 dark grenades.

I’m a heavy armor paladin, and Valtan already doesn’t really require health pots anyways, so the 5 green pots is not an exaggeration.

As for destruction bombs, paladin has two skills that double hit with weak point, so I just apply 4 weakpoint hits that get buffed by Corrosive.

I only used Dark Grenades during the first week clear. I’ve used party finder, non-static group all 4 weeks. First week took a long time, about 10hrs, latest clear was a 1-shot, week 2 and 3 took about an hour total for both gates. Have to hold dps more than need dps, so I don’t even bother with Dark Grenades anymore. If people die on the final platform, I’ll throw a dark grenade or two if I remember once the 6 counter-shield stacks are gone.

I don’t think consumables are going to break your bank unless you’re doing hell modes, which are for vanity/bragging rights only and don’t progress your character.

Yeah so either be a Paladin/Bard or run with a good team in order to clean it fairly quick I suppose ? Because I keep failing almost every day in order to clear it, and each attempt means a lot of pots/grenades used. Actually I can do it because they gave us a lot of free chests, but when I’ll run out of them, I’ll have to spend my entire weeks in order to farm herbs to craft enough red potions ?

Green pots can be sustained through 1 click on your farm.

If you’re using more than green pots on Valtan HM, it just means you don’t understand the fight at all. Literally the “hardest” part of the fight for taking 0 damage is the thing in phase 1 where he jumps in the air and spawns the circles, if you end up near other people.

Other than that, there’s no reason to take damage at all in that fight.

I said literally 5 green pots for 4 weeks of HM kills. If you’re a dps doing 8 dps groups, it shouldn’t be the end of the world to have to use more green pots. They cost almost nothing.

You’re actually the first one I read stating green pots are far enough to run Valtan in HM, literally the first person.
Sorry to not be a pro gamer as you seem to be then, but I think I know the fight well enough since I’m almost each time amongst the last to die during the Ghost phase, but there aren’t enough people alive to finish the fight entirely.

Every single PUG group I’ve been on players were using either blue or red pots.

green pots are more than enough especially because everything is avoidable in gate 2

it’s only when you make a mistake or someone yeets a spear into you during the first few minutes that you have to use potion. no mistakes, no potion needed.

You should try to find a guild instead of pugging it.

I don’t know how to say this without sounding mean but you have to just play better. Last week I used 1 elemental pot, 2 darks, and maybe 4 destructions for HM valtan g1 and g2. Valtan isnt a fight with crazy chip damage, everything is so slow and telegraphed

ehhh I just use purple if I fuck up cause I just started Valtan Harmode and he does some mechanics more often. But once you know the fight you should be switching to green or blue pots

How are you anywhere close to running out of battle items with all the free juicers we’ve been getting since launch? I have 795 green pots, 312 blue pots, 177 regular purple pots, and 140 of the splendid purple bots… and I have 67 healing battle item chests just sitting in my roster storage.

Valtan is telegraphed and actually costs less potions than argos or any other content other than deskaluda. A clear within 5 tries usually sucks away couple potions for gate 2, while the only gate which could require more is the first if players have no clue of the bleed mech and dont bring panaceas, sacred charms.

Any paladin in group switching to purify further reduces any need of potions in general.

If you re getting hit a lot in gate 2 expecially, you should practice more and avoid the hits. Valtan has literally 4-5 attacks 3 of which are announced a lot earlier. Learn to not spam your dash and movement spell.