Regarding swapping mains and fixing support shortage

With the Western release being fast-paced, what is Amazon going to do about people wanting to swap mains or raise their newly released classes to end game without being left behind by ignoring their current main to do so?

I really hope they don’t just ignore this and full throttle to Abrel. We have a support shortage and I personally want to swap but see it as a loss progression, even with the event and power/express pass. Without swiping, it is simply not possible without losing months since we have lowered rates and faster content.

We will probably get a super express pass to 1415 in a few months, i think they are just waiting for more players to get there before releasing it…

We get 1415 pass when most players are over 1500. I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one. I’d love to see a boost for specifically support classes to 1415. That would be a huge breath of life for the game, but it won’t happen, lol.

This is how i imagine things, these are not offical AGS’s statements

AGS: simple, sell crystal for gold and buy mats with said gold in martket.

AGS: Play slow, content will always be there waiting for you.

Personally, i am swapping main to sorc, i just enjoy more with sorc even in older content. How long does it take to level her up to 1430, who fking know. But that’s just me, don’t let me make you feel you don’t have the right to ask for easier progression, i just don’t give a shit anymore, AGS can do what ever they want, i’m not asking for shit.

I also want to swap main with unreleased class. Im ready to sell T3 materials and buy lower tiers. If I rly like the playstyle and decide this will be my new main I will farm with all characters if need. Ofc honing exp is huge stopper coz too expensive but I can do dailies for it if need.

Other huge problem I have is I running out of knowledge transfers and stopped making characters coz I dont want to lvl up 10-50 again (2 times are enough). I have 2 saved KT for next releases but I hope there is a solution (ofc I expect to be paid solution)

Not going past 1370 without summoner

I think they will sell powerpass soon™. There is no way in hell they would increase transfer knowledge limit.


Why is it AGS job to fix a support shortage that is purely a player/community driven problem? I mean… if people were serious about wanting to play support they would already have a high level support alt (My alt bards already 1415 with my main sorc at 1445) that they could switch to a main.

I haven’t even used a KT yet… I need that gold yo. At this point people have already been given so much free shit and they’ve thrown it all in to DPS mains/alts yet people want more free shit.


Yes let the game run it natural course, no need to give free stuff.

There is no support shortage, there are just people don’t want to play support, people want to play support but don’t like paladin and bard, and people might want to try support but don’t have the resources to try. These are human problems, there are no free stuff that could influent rigid mindset.

Stop progressing your main, use mats for support class, stop FOMOing for end game content. Simple solution where your opnions doesn’t matter, only action does. Keep doing chores and someday, maybe next year you will reach end game with your supp.

I don’t know how you are getting support shortage as we have a dps shortage here on our guild
Actually had to pug 2 dps this week for hm valtan.

No causewny alt supports are horrible supports then u better play without support …

I think we can both agree on that there are plenty of supports, but not enough main supports hence why people claim there is a support shortage. Anybody can go look at how often they see supports in abyss dungeons 5x NM/HM or even Argos.

Support shortage will eventually solve itself with time, but for people trying to do new content the moment it comes out, then they will have to adapt to the situation whether it means 9x purple potions or etc.

If some DPS main players have a support alt at 1370 right now, then eventually it will become 1415 with the 1460 stronghold honing buff or accumulating enough bound mats to get to 1415. Sure, it might take months to come, but Valtan isn’t going to be going anywhere and by that point we would be doing not only Valtan, but two other Legion raids supposely.

Also, as the game further progresses on and even more content is unlocked such as more Legion Raids or more classes, then it’s highly likely that they will start to release powerpass packs to allow players to skip/catch up to the relevant content/appropriate area.