Regarding the future

So, like some other people I decided to move to EUW server.
And like everyone who started on EUC I had problems regarding my founder pack and the twitch drop that i could not get on my new character.

Also, as stated by the news, there is not a transfer function available, and even if they were to import the korean one it would be still gated for region.

The real question that came up to my mind is…
… but when all the hipe is over, and the servers will be less populated… will they be able to merge?.. what should we expect in the (possibly not near) future?

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I don’t think they will be able to merge. But the reason why I am not switching is because I am afraid to start progress again because as you said as soon as hype dies down, those servers will be half dead and EUC will be fully playable.

So I will wait few months to see.

I doubt that they will be able to merge regions… that is also one of reasons why I decided to endure EUC.

I’m warried infact… as the server I’m currently playing on has already some problems in that regard…

I’m taking my time for leveling as I’m not in a hurry… but while I was able to kill multiple times the world boss while I was on EUC, I’m struggling to find people to kill a world boss even once here