Regarding the Korean PTR with MASSIVE changes

Hello, I want to preface this by saying that all the changes you might see on Korean PTR are TENTATIVE changes, everything can be modified so no need to go crazy.

tldr : Big Korean beta test with lots of interesting changes, how will this affect our version of the game ?

So, a huge PTR patch has dropped in Korea, and unfortunately, we have 0 information about it.

So my questions are very simple and are as follow :

  • Why is there no translation available for the PTR ? Do they just don’t think about us in Korea ? Our opinion shouldn’t impact the Korean version of the game of course, BUT, why can’t we even see what the changes are for ourselves ?

  • Will the changes of the PTR, once they are ready to be shipped in Korea, be implemented in our version too ? Will we have a delayed implementation ? Will we get the same iteration of these changes ?

This is very important for these reasons :

  • New classes that will be released soon might get modified really fast after their release, which is a pretty bad thing

  • BUT some of these changes are extremely needed and will be very beneficial for the game (e.g. Soulfist changes making the class easier and much less clunky and unreliable, Shadowhunter changes getting access to party buffs when transformed …). Some changes will be controversial (like Scrapper and Paladin if I had to guess), of course, but they are really interesting nonetheless and I don’t see a reason why we’re completely excluded.

So, @Roxx , can you ask the team and see if we can get some info ? Balance patches are important for the health of the game and it would be a shame for our version to be set aside, thank you !

  1. There’s no translation because it’s not officially out in KR. It is being tested on test servers and awaiting feedback from players/testers. You can see the changes for yourself, go translate the KR page with the changes.

  2. Most likely

  3. CMs/AGS has already said any new class that releases in NA/EU will ship with their most up-to-date balance and class changes. This is a non-issue.

  1. It is officialy out in Kr, on a PTR, as I said. PTR means Player Test Realm, so you’re just saying what I said here

  2. No we don’t know

  3. It is not a non issue since the LM will be released next week (as seen on Lost Ark’s official Twitter) and this means she will be changed soon after her release, and if Destroyer releases before the changes are implemented in Kr, it would be nice to know how that will go

Quit whining.


It is not whining it is asking for information regarding the game, quit defaming

The korean dont even know when the patch will be released.

Maybe come back when it actually lands in korea official servers.

And you can see the changes, its not difficult hitting the google translate button.

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Here is the website in korean, use google translate or chrome to auto translate and yeah :slight_smile:

It doesn’t change my questions at all, it would be nice to be kept up to date with what happens to the game in real time, I don’t see any reason why we wouldn’t have an official post talking about that here.

And no, the whole point is for us to be informed BEFORE it hits Korea, as our game has the current Korean balance patch. So, if changes were to be made to our version too, assuming it will be synched (that’s part of my question), it is nice to have a post about it

That’s it, communication good
no communication bad

I know I can do that, thanks, but auto translation tools are bad and since our game is not a direct translation from the Korean version, it can be difficult to properly get what the changes are. Also, don’t forget that translators aren’t that good in other languages than english, and that not everyone (I know shocking) is fluent in english. An official post solves all of this, it doesn’t even have to be right now, just saying 'Hey, there’s a PTR in Korea right now, we’ll keep you up to date soon on how it will impact the game"
Just that would go a long way

Well the are not going to make anything official as the website i linked is not 100% changes. They are tentative changes. Also the FINAL changes no one knows about as SG said they will take feedback and make changes THEY think are right then release the content.

Also might be my opinion but id rather AGS focus on getting us content faster to catch up rather then spending time translating patch notes :slight_smile:


For the most part, your post seems well articulated and I commend that.

We have no information in the west because this is not a western focused TEST. Only kR can test it and thus why it does not matter to make official publication of UNOFFICIAL changes.

As stated above Roxx has commented once before that we would get the latest in class balancing for classes as it is available. So when changes go live in KR they should come to us fairly quickly.

My SPECULATION is that these changes are slated to be implemented about time destroyer releases but that’s a hard speculation.


Yes ! I know ! But my questions doesn’t ask what the changes are or will be ! My question is how these changes, when they’re finalized, will be implemented on our version !

They will be implemented in a patch to the game. Probably on a Thursday, if I had to wager a guess.


Indeed only Kr can test this but what would be nice is to know if these changes will impact us and how if they do so ! That’s about all I’m asking for, really, since we can’t test (and I’m not asking for a Western PTR, that’s unreasonable and unneeded) and since our game is currently synched with the Korean balance patch I believe, if we’re changing when they do it’s nice to know :slight_smile:

Yes this is a thing that would be nice to know too

@Roxx @Seawolf @Shadow_Fox In regards to this, can any of the CMs confirm, or if not go ask smilegate, if any changes lance master and destroyer get in the balance patch will be reflected in our version in the april or may updates?

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def not in April update PTR will still be going on

Speculation is we will be getting the revised version of the classes moving forward. but i too would like to know this

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Ah i see my bad, well obviously a patch but i wonder if all at once, little by little, as class releases so kinda interested too

Unlike west korean omayers seem to have no problems with being communicated few hours before their updates.

CMs have proven things in the west might change as they could share an exact date a week before a release which was the first time they communicate like this.

Is not like Kr don’t care. Is just not their job and i doubt Ags is allowed to share patchnotes that will apply months later for us.

  1. That is based on KR version of the game
  2. Its called KR Ptr. For their client with their future updates.
  3. does it looks like we have the same client?
  4. Hence, we dont need to know.
  5. Ags manages the west. Ask them for ptr.
  6. Again . That is KR. Not GLOBAL ptr