Regarding the rate of Wei Card spawning in merchant [Not a rant]

This is probably a stupid question but does server population affects the spawn rate of Wei Card? Like in NA west, Wei card has already appeared countless amount of times in the most populated servers like Mari and Valtan while the least populated one has gotten almost none since launch. You can’t tell me that this is a mere coincidence right?

Is it maybe perception? There’s probably more players watching and reporting on the merchant on populated servers. Just a thought.


It’s RNG Kedit

Don’t worry too much about it. Maxing Wei does nothing as you have to max out all the other cards as well. It’s a very long term set.

You will always have someone spoting when anikka is up even in small servers.
The ones in the night times are mostly the hardcore player, with always lost merchant open.

Its RNG and each item is weighted in appearing per its rarity. Just like the legednary rapport items are rare to show up, the wei card is also rare to show up.

Show me the wei

Would be cool if Lost Merchants had a counter of each card/lego and how many times it has been reported as spawned.
On Elzowin NAE, I have seen him spawn 2 times, could be more as I was a bit late to join the game which also means even later to track merchants.

ive seen a spawn of wei on my server only 2 times from the games launch. and i use discord pings for it.

Idk with all the bots on multiple servers having names like these it shouldn’t really matter.

I know this was posted several months ago, but now there is a tracker on that shows how many times Wei card has appeared on each server since launch. I’d just like to know why Kharmine is up to 31 (THIRTY ONE) while my server (Una) has half of that and many others have even less. I know it’s RNG but I feel like this needs to be balanced out a little somehow especially since there are in fact people running around with Light of Salvation awakened high enough to be using.

But lostmerchant stil only works if someone search and update it. If u have a lazy server. Then its usueless. :slight_smile:

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nah i missed every single Wei card

it is literally updated for every merchant on my server, I’ve kept an eye on it and have updated several of them myself. :slight_smile:

Im usually at work or asleep. Even if i get a notification and wake up, by the time the easy anti cheat insane load time is done I usually miss it anyway. Have been lucky a handful of times and been online playing or notified in time to get it while I was actually home. Only need about 4 more.

…I missed another one :sob:


Also Kharmine #1 I guess o.O

man i know how you feel, im on EUC Slen and we got 16 so far and last time we got wei is literally a month ago… 19th or 20th september something around that or even earlier.