Regarding the recent June Update changes - Communication suggestion: Weekly players-devs QA


This topic is a suggestion for the communication and not about whether the changes are good or not. To clarify my position, no Roxx doesn’t have to excuse herself for the communication she gave with the information she had at that time and on the contrary it was a good communication to the player base about the decision made by Smilegate RPG. I’m not going to lie that when I read the announcement, I did feel betrayed as I have myself pushed an alt, but it is nice to know that both companies are listening to feedbacks and have leeway to change their plans.

Now, the communication is still a problem between the playerbase, AGS and Smilegate RPG because of the delay to deliver the information to the different parties. Part of the player base is relying on official information (not talking about people trying to predict release date and content and being mad by themselves) to plan how they will play the game such as organizing their days for major content release or deciding how they will upgrade their account and so on.

Concerning this type of change related to player feedbacks, here is my suggestion.
• On a weekly basis, a CM (or someone else) will have the job to filter the most popular feedbacks from the player base. It should already be the case since the suggestions are forwarded to Smilegate RPG as we’ve seen it in this update. A topic would then be opened in the forum or even better an official announcement be posted on the website to summarise the feedbacks that will be sent to the developers and asking players to stay tuned for what is to come.
• On the next week, a similar post would then summarise what feedbacks have been looked into and the answers of the developers about those.

This will allow players interested to have a better grasp of what is currently discussed.

For those interested, this type of QA has been added by SEGA for their game Phantasy Star Online 2 in their monthly news livestream for the exact same problem of communication between the player base and the developers. Ideally, it would be great to have this kind of content for Lost Ark as well, however I understand that it probably would take some time to organize such an event. Hence the reason why this text-based communication can be a first step towards involving the players in what is happening between the two companies.

Besides, SEGA can afford to do monthly news because they are both developing and publishing the game and have a set of defined dates for each release of the month, which is not realistic for the current release of Lost Ark with the back-and-forth between AGS and Smilegate RPG and the moving dates.

Again, this post was written well knowing that CMs don’t decide what information they can give. As such, this feedback is targeted towards both companies in general and hoping it will help working towards the transparency we’ve been talked about since the Argos aftermath message.


Everything that requires more powersource, will result in weakening the rest.

Everything that has a beginning, has an end too.

Jokes aside, they are full imho, they have too much things to take care of even right now, I don’t think that they have the ÷ manpower for you suggestion.
Just my thoughts ^^

You’re probably not wrong especially since Smilegate has been recruiting a lot recently.

However, I don’t believe that writting a post about what feedbacks will be sent to the developpers would take that much time.
As for the answer, I specified in the 2nd bullet points that they can just write about what feedbacks have been answered yet and not necessarily every one of them.

Knowing that a feedback has not been looked into yet is itself an information! :slight_smile:

Just thought about this but again the weekly text QA is only a first step.

In the long run, it would make sense to work with content creators to make this kind of communication with the player base more inclusive and interesting in general through videos/streams. I personally don’t know about how this kind of collaboration work but I believe that it should be feasible to find a partnership with the amount of people on Youtube and twitch summarizing and reacting to every official news we have about the game and especially about patches.