Regarding the Shiba Inu Pet Selection Chest

Greetings adventurers,

This morning when the August Update went live, the Shiba Inu Pet Selection Chest in the in-game store was incorrectly priced at 2,400 Royal Crystals instead of 1,300 Royal Crystals. To prevent players from spending extra Royal Crystals on this item, we will be temporarily removing it from the store until the price can be adjusted. For those that have already purchased the Shiba Inu Pet Selection Chest at the previous price point, we will be offering refunds for the Royal Crystals that have been spent.

We will provide updates when this item becomes available at the correct price and when we have a status update to share on refunds. Thanks for your patience and understanding!


Heroes of Arkesia,

The Shiba Inu Pet Selection Chest is once again available in the in-game store, and is now listed at the correct price of 1,300 Royal Crystals.

Players that purchased the item yesterday at the 2,400 Royal Crystal price point will receive refunds for this item today. The spent Royal Crystals will automatically be applied back to your account, and you will be able to keep your selected pet. If you made this purchase and have not recieved your refund by the end of August 26th, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this situation!